K-ON Trooper

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/04/23 08:42 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

Really enjoyed making this video last Saturday in Akihabara. Absolutely love the K-ON! music which made it easier to groove to the tunes. First up is Cagayake! GIRLS.

For those wondering about the kanji on my right oppai - it says "Mio Inochi" (澪命) meaning that I'm devoted to Mio.
So you can add "Inochi" onto the end of many things like:-

Gundam Inochi (Am devoted and love Gundam)
Oppai Inochi (Am devoted to and love oppai)

Thanks to Jonny Li for taking the video and to Setsuko Harada and Steve Nagata for taking a load of brill pics which I will upload soon.

Don't Say Lazy coming soon.
Video was taken on the Sony Webbie - Thanks to Matt at Sony for the goodie.
Guitar loaned from Tsuku-san.

http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/k-on/ (Watch K-ON!)
http://starwars.com (Join the Empire)