Japanese Mascots

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/10/01 18:45 JST in Japan

One thing that you'll notice when you visit Japan - there are mascots everywhere. The Japanese just lurve mascots (me too ^^;) but did you know that the government also has mascots for the metropolitan police, fire department and defense forces?
This first image is of a bunch of police women with the metropolitan police mascot called Pipo. There is even a song sung by Pipo - pump up da volume before listening ^^;
Don't know what it is about the uniforms for police women over here, but rather having them look intimidating, they look cute as hell.
Below: Pipo who appears to be naked. Below: Prince Pickle is the mascot for the Ministry of Defense. Below: Kyuta is just one of the mascots used by the Tokyo Fire Department. There could be other countries that are also rampant in mascot use - I just have not personally encountered any.
Images in this post also taken from Iza, Japan Probe and Tokyo Times.