Japanese Lessons

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/06/13 09:39 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper
A survey carried out by Dai Ichi Life revealed that 39% of Japanese primary school girls take lessons outside school hours to learn how to play a musical instrument.
For primary school boys the most popular lesson was swimming. The list of other lessons that were most popular with primary school students were soccer, baseball, Budo (Kendo and Judo), drawing/painting, ballet and English language.
According to the research, only less than 10% of students dont take any lessons outside of school.
Would be interested to hear what its like in your region but I don't remember me or any of my buddies during primary school times back in the UK taking any lessons outside of school to learn anything apart from hanging around the streets saying "hey you see the walkman that man has - its mine" and "yea well that BMW is mine."
If I had the choice I would have loved to learn how to play the piano or guitar. Any of you play an instrument? Did you take any other lessons outside school to learn something?
I would have also loved to have been sent to Chinese school to learn how to read n write while I was young too - ended up learning Chinese using Japanese text books ^^;
As for the pics in this post - well for some reason I have in my possession a guitar and for some reason its propped by my armor. Folks who read or subscribe to my news items will already know what this is all about ^^;
I thought I would look up how many Japanese youngsters learn how to play the guitar and came across that survey.
Might as well take a look at what my armor looks like on the inside.
This is the utility belt and have stuffed it with bits n pieces to fix the armor in an emergency - some wires, cloth, studs, super glue etc.
The cod piece modified so that I dont need to take everything off for a number 1. Still have not worked out how to keep everything on when I go for a number 2 or 3.
The metal bits sticking out keep the utility belt locked down in place.
Shoulders look rough with the studs but means that the shoulder armor stays on when dancing (prancing) around.
The inside of the shoulders look like this.
Dancho armband helps you identify me when you see stormtroopers walking around Tokyo.
Back of the cod looks terrible and has been through many mods which is why there are bits of old glue all over. The brown stuff is skid marks which were left from when I couldn't get the armor off quick enough when I wanted to go for a number 3.
Pocket for the iPod.
Inside back of armor. Is originally one piece and cut for extra articulation.
I think you've seen this before but the inside of the helmet looks like this.
Haruhi Bunny and her gorgeous eyes - t'was a prezzie from TheAnimeHouse.