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Was at Tokyo Kokusai Metropolitan High School the other day for more Culture Japan filming. Today we have a lookie at the Cultural Festival "Bunkasai" which takes place at most schools across Japan once a year in Autumn.

Tokyo Kokusai Metropolitan High School is not classed as an International High School but one where about 40% of students are either are a Japanese mix, foreigner or a student who has spent a lot of time overseas.

Many schools across Japan require you to remove you shoes before you go in. This is why the Figma K-ON! figures come with an extra set of shoes called "Uwabaki" that are worn in class.
However Kokusai Metropolitan does not have the traditional custom and allows you to walk in as long as you have not trodden in poo - which is unlikely anyway because the streets are usually clear of K9 droppings.

Armor falling to pieces - looks like its going in for retirement soon? To be replaced with...?

Today's navigator is Arisa-chan - a half Filipino and Japanese student of Kokusai Metropolitan who has been working hard over the past few days with her classmates to prepare a load of fun and games for visitors.

You've seen these cultural festivals in many anime including K-ON! and Haruhi where the students prepare many events for the other students and visitors to the school.

Other than "Bunkasai" , the cultural festivities are also known as "Gakuensai" which is actually part of the school curriculum where students have the chance to exhibit their learnings over the past year. They work with other students to get creative and prepare events/activities for the visitors.
The festival usually takes place over two days on a weekend and is open to the public for students/parents/guardians who are interested in attending/sending their kids to the school as they get to experience and see for themselves what the school is like.

We were filming for only a day at Kokusai Metropolitan. While it wasn't enough to cover all the activities that went on, we still managed to see and enjoy a load that went on.
Just like anime, we saw students dressed up as maids serving sweets and a hall where they played together in their bands and danced along to anisong. The food they served was like 50 yen! @.@

Arisa-chan's class prepared a few games which included "Falling Pipe" - you saw a glimpse in the School Girl's Fate post. The contestant stands in the cubicle thingy who gets asked many questions - the purpose is to distract their attention where a pipe would suddenly fall from the ceiling down one of the 4 poles which the player should try to catch.

It was truly incredible to see so many students of all races enjoying themselves and having so much fun. Had nothing like this back in my neck of the woods in the UK and would have certainly enjoyed school much much more with events like this.
My school life was absolutely terrible up until university - constantly bullied at school where I even had my stuff set on fire. Ugh. Me gets rather miffed when thinking about it.

I think the film footage of this Japanese High School is going to be broadcast on Culture Japan Episode 4 - I need to go back next week for more filming but this time dressed up as a (male) student to attend classes.

Took a load of photos so the coverage of the festivities will be separated into 2 parts. Previous Culture Japan High School coverage can be seen in the posts below with more to come. Its always like filming on the set of a movie - we see it in anime all the time and sometimes its hard to believe that folks over here attend these schools as part of their daily lives ^^;
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