Japan Surgical Masks

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/01/11 10:55 JST in Japanese Culture

Snapped on the train last week - pharmaceutical company Unicharm wants your whole family to wear their masks. The slogan says "Japan's family mask" which you can also see in the commercial below.

Wearing masks in public in Japan is considered completely normal. I remember being puzzled the first time I came to Japan and saw a lady wearing a mask on the train. I thought she was a doctor or something ^^;
And why do folks wear masks in Japan?

  • They are sick and don't want their evil germs to infect others.
  • They have hay fever and don't want the evil pollen to affect them.
  • They are not sick but don't want to catch any evil germs from others.
  • They have a tooth missing and want to cover it up.
  • Their breath smells like a fart and want to diffuse the smell.
  • They have no mouth and don't want people to know that they are from Mars.
  • They have three tongues.
  • They carry a nendoroid in their mouth and don't want people to know.

Is the wearing of surgical masks in public taking off in your neck of the woods too?