Japan Computer Usage

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2009/11/13 13:32 JST in Japanese Culture

Saw this on Francis-sans blog and then realized that it must have been covered by Japan Probe - and it was!.

The show explains how there has been a sudden increase of people computing in the middle of the road and at times while riding a bicycle - calling them "路上パソコン族" (rojou pasokon zoku) or "a tribe who uses computers in the middle of the road."

The report does look like another case of "Yarase" which is very common on TV over here. Yarase means that its basically just set up - a bit like how tabloid news papers tell lies ^^;
So in this case they just got a bunch of people to walk around with computers. Or maybe its not Yarase? Me personally not seen them but it does give me an idea of filming a trooper walking around town with a mac...