Japan Blood Donation

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The next Tokyo CGM Night will be held at the blood donation facility Akiba:F which you may recall is actually a crash landed spacecraft thats stuck in the side of a building. The outer hull has a Trans-Ion Kryptonian shield around it meaning that you cant see the rest of the ship sticking out the side of the building unless you are wearing Titanium Diamond Class 9 contact lenses.
Went along on Friday to check out the facilities with Tokyo Live Blogger Steve Nagata. Snapped here with some local dannychoo.com readers who were also at the facility doing a report.
Akiba:F is run by the Japanese Red Cross Society. Their mission statement is to bridge peoples life's and the future together.
Get off at Akihabara station and exit at the Electric town entrance. Dont walk towards the Radio Kaikan but the other way and lookup - you will see the logo for Akiba:F on the building.
The address is:-
5th Floor Asakaze Building, 1-16-9 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(map here)
The place is just gorgeous. This is what you are greeted with when you step out of the elevators.
To the right is the lockers, toilet and some machines which I'll cover in a mo.
In the center of the facility is the WDDCRM2 (Warp Drive Duo Combine Retrograde Mark 2 Engine) which is being currently used to display some Bakemonogatari goodies.
Every quarter, Akiba:F has a theme. Previously it was Good Smile Company where they displayed a load of figures.
What is it about Senjogahara that makes her so mmmmmmm?
Here are some terminals which will ask you a bunch of questions to see if you are able to donate blood. About 10% of folks fail the test due to some complications with their blood or life habits.
Folks who cant give blood are those who consume narcotics, had blood diseases, who have just come back from overseas within the past 4 weeks and folks who have been to certain countries between particular periods.
This pose of Senjogahara gets the figure treatment by Good Smile Company.
If you don't get the stationary thing then give Bakemonogatari a whirl.
The Bakemonogatari theme will run through to the 31st of March 2010.
They got a small glassed off room in one corner. CGM Nighters - leave your stuff here if you want.
The toilets are zero gravity so you need to be good at dodging your poo and pee.
Lockers are free to use and can be locked with a blood sample - a needle will shoot out from the ceiling and land in your forehead to take a sample before the doors open.
Mirrors are made from Shimapantium mined from the spice mines on Kolletar. They have the ability to show what you will look like in exactly 3.5 months from now. If you walk past these mirrors and don't see your reflection then it means that you should prioritize everything you want to do before you die.
The Shimapantium mirrors also remind us that we should be prioritizing our lives anyway because we never know when we will kick the bucket.
They told me that after having your blood taken, they will stick your life juices in some sort of centrifugal unit which spins out all the stuff that they want - you then go back a week later and then they stick the stuff that they don't want back into you.
If you like loli's with huge school bags then Bakemonogatari will be right up your alley.
Drinks are provided for free for folks who donate blood. This machine will not be turned on during the next CGM Night as they need the machine to be ready for patients the next morning (sorry).
Akiba:F has a load of reading material - included for this theme term are Bakemonogatari novels.
Also some Katanagatari too. Anybody watching?
Maki Horikita-chan! Video below - kawaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!
More Bakemonogatari goodies on display.
I love the bins! There is a circle which glows white...
...and when you throw some rubbish, the white glow temporarily turns into a blue glow.
I love this place. Its such a relaxing atmosphere. Decided that one of my life goals is to have an office like this ^^;
Displays around the center show Bakemonogatari stuff.
Free wifi is provided within the center for those who want to work while waiting their turn.
For the next CGM Night, we will display the Dollfies here.
If you are considering donating blood then feel free to go along to have a look - no obligation to donate blood. If you do want to take photos then please ask the staff members first.