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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2013/02/09 13:27 JST in Japan

Up until now, through postings on this site and introductions that I've personally made, I've placed readers and comrades at companies in Japan such as Amazon Japan, Apple Japan, AmiAmi, Good Smile Company, Rinkya, J-List and more.

Today we got another job opening for yet another lucky person to join the ranks at J-List who are forever expanding their operations.

About J-List

J-List was founded in 1996 and has been an extremely successful venture, serving over 500,000 customers and bringing unique products to people outside of Japan. We strive to promote understanding of Japan through popular culture.

The company is based in Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, a small city of 200,000 located on the edge of the Kanto Plain near Tokyo (about 2 hours away by slow train, 45 minutes by Shinkansen). It is a nice city with many cultural points of interest, one of the lowest cost-of-living ratings in Japan, and fast access to mountains for many fun activities including hot springs.

This is Peter Payne - the big boss of J-list. A comrade who lives in Japan who I have been working with for many moons now. I previously placed a reader at his company and now he needs your help again. The opening is for a product description copywriter and customer support assistant. Your work will also involve various tasks using Photoshop, such as preparing product images and creating simple web banners for advertisement.


  • Effective and professional writing skills, and the ability to efficiently create descriptions for products. Fast touch typing skills are a plus.
  • Knowledge of popular anime and/or manga series, especially currently airing and trending series, as well as a familiarity with the international fan community.
  • Knowledge of anime, manga and Japan related memes, particularly those created by websites such as Pixiv, 2ch, Nico Nico Douga, and 4chan would be preferred.
  • Familiarity with Photoshop and the ability to manipulate scanned product images.
  • Japanese ability equal to JLPT level 2 or higher.
  • Only accepting applications from native English speakers who are already in Japan with a legal work visa. Upon employment, future sponsorship and extensions will be made.


Base salary is initially 240000 yen-260000 yen per month depending on experience, plus twice-annual bonuses based on personal and overall company performance, with annual raises and flexible vacation time. Additionally, a company car will be provided (gasoline and related expenses are not covered), along with assistance in acquiring an apartment.

How to Apply

Download this application form and once filled in, send it along with your resume directly to Peter at peterpaynegmailcom.

And as for that resume - I've uploaded my previous resume for you to use for free - you can download it from this post.

There are many resume templates that you can download from the Internets but I thought I'd share a tried and tested resume format that got me jobs at companies like Amazon and Microsoft and interview/job offers from Google and Apple - which I turned down to go to Microsoft ^^;
Anyway, the word file for the my CV is in this post - feel free to use it.

Going to leave you with some photos taken around the fun environment at the J-List offices.
If you are applying for the postion then good luck! Buy me a Cafe Mocha from Starbucks if you get the job ^^

Just wondering though - what sort of job would be your dream job?