POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2006/11/07 16:40 JST in Gadgets
After 4 years of service I decided it was time to retire our IXY Digital 400 and get a new one. I was thinking of getting Roys GR but decided to stick with Canon - have been using the IXY series since the 200 model and have been pleased with the quality.
The main reason for upgrading was for a few reasons...
  • The 400 was a bit heavy and thick as a brick.
  • Wanted a compact camera with a wide angle 28mm lens.
  • Got fed up of changing lens at the toy, game and anime events. From now on I can keep the macro lens on and use the new 900 IS for wide shots.
  • Wanted a camera small enough to carry around with me anywhere - my
Have only had it for a few days and most of the functions are similar to previous IXY's. Still need to plough through the manual to see what hidden features there are.
I'm not sure how image stabilizers work but I smell a fish when I hear about these features. Reason is that I've taken a few blurry shots with the camera so far and wasn't drinking coffee at the time.
The screen size has vastly increased and the UI behavior is far more intuitive.
A rather nice feature is that when you take a picture vertically and rotate the camera...
The image is automatically rotated based on the angle you hold the camera - no buttons to push - just rotate.
Battery is smaller and an SD card is used instead of the CF card.
The battery cover is made of plastic and feels like its going to break sometime soon.
Smaller battery charger. Still think they could have made it smaller though.
Comparison with the 400.
My new camera stand.
Bits n bobs inside the box.
Price? 40000 yen from a seller on Kakaku.com.
OK, going to take a look at some sample shots now starting with this one that uses a built in B/W filter.
Love the wide angle lens *^o^*.
Still need to play around with the settings to get decent night shots.