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Akihabara's Kanda Myojin Shrine has been getting quite popular these days partly due to its Ita-Ema - ema with cute moe illustrations. Ema are small wooden plaques on which Shinto worshippers write their wishes and hang it up at the shrine so that god will receive them. They are hung up for a while before being burned.

Kanda Myojin had only a few Ita-Ema back in 2009 but gradually increased over the years and it's been said that there were more than 170 ita-ema this year.
Some of these are drawn by professional manga artists and illustrators that you may recognise.

Looks like Kancolle was really popular this year!

Kanda Myojin Shrine address as follows.

Folks don't go to a shrine just to look at Ema though - they go to pay their respects to the gods which is what we usually do to. The following posts cover our visits to Shrines or temples at the beginning of the year.
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Also spotted loads of Yatai serving noms near the shrine.

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