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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2009/10/17 23:55 JST in Gadgets

My Current Home Page.

  • Perfectly Clear: Brightening up iPhone photos which can be a bit dark.
  • Nori Kae Annai (the red one with the train): Shows which trains I need to take when I want to get from A to Z.
  • TwitterFon: The best Twitter app - and I've tried quite a few.
  • The one ending in "..pan" is a restaurant coupon site that I use to get discounted or free food that I mentioned here.
  • Quad Camera: Takes photos at set intervals. Fun to play with.
  • Meteor Blitz: Asteroids type game with cool graphics.
  • Sekai Camera: You saw a review earlier this week.

As for Mirai Clock - Its my first experience with character licensing. I license Appliya to use Mirai-chan in the app and I get X% of sales on each clock.
Unfortunately as I only license the characters, I have no control over what Appliya do with the clock and just recently found out that they will not update the app even though I provide them with new images of the girls.

If you want a clock now featuring the Suenaga girls then go for it - I use it every day.
But Mirai Clock 2 will be out in a few months and will be much better and a wee bit cheaper too - *and* it will be released by me and not Appliya.

My second Home Page.

  • Taberogu (the orange one with chopsticks): Tells me what sort of restaurants are nearby my current location by genre. Found a Thai restaurant nearby recently!
  • 1Password: All Mac users should use this app to manage their passwords - and yes I've tried a few in my time.
  • NYTimes: The dannychoo.com/figure.fm app will be similar.
  • Y Chizu: Yahoo maps.
  • Nikkei: Can read the Nikkei Japanese newspaper for free.
  • iDracula: Fun shooting monsters with a load of weapons. I last a whole 7 mins and it still calls me a noob.
  • iFighter: Me likes the 1942 type shooting games.
  • FieldRunners: Place weapons here n there to shoot little men and stop them from getting to the other side of the screen.
  • TUAW (tuaw.com): Catch up with my Mac news here.
  • Slicehost Pro: I control dannychoo.com, figure.fm, otaku.fm and the goodsmile site from this app. Slicehost is a hosting company.
  • Gas Tycoon: Puzzle game.
  • MemStatus: I think this was the only app Apple forgot to delete from the store that cleans your iPhone memory. Dont use it much though but it does work.
  • VoiceMemo: Use it to take voice notes on the move.

Screenshot of Meteor Blitz.

Progress of the iPhone version - no we didnt forget about it ^^;
You will be able to catch up on comments here too.

And the Quad Camera screen.
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