iPad Video Review

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/05/24 15:50 JST in Mac

As luck would have it, a meteorite did hit our house and yes it did have an iPad inside. I'm not about to say "no thanks" to a free iPad ^^;
So here is my zakkuri review. "Zakkuri" in this case means "quick n dirty."
Well it originally started off to be zakkuri but ended but being 25 mins ^^;
Not used to using the Lumix GF1 to take video so it looses focus from time to time - probably a setting I missed.

Like many folks out there, I was initially disappointed that the iPad wasn't Leopard-in-a-tablet. But as I started to play around with it I started to realize the business potential. I only truly understood the possibilities of the iPad when I was in Malaysia. I didn't bring it along and was thinking that if I had it in meetings with potential partners for the first time, I would have been able to articulate what I wanted to convey much more easier.

For example explaining the OTACOOL concept would have been much easier with screenshots of figure.fm and with photos of user submissions. Sure I could do the same on the iPhone but the small screen size makes it difficult when talking with a few folks around the table.

I could carry the MacBook Air around and do the same thing but its bigger and I need to fiddle about with a mouse or trackpad where instead I can just pinch and flip the screen without bending my body in an awkward position.

An improvement that could be made could be something like having the left n right speakers further apart from each other. Still not too sure why the unit is as heavy as it is.

Apple still could have left the ability to make calls on the device though and would have made a great speaker phone. If the next version does have a forward facing camera like the new iPhone is speculated to have, I would replace my dads MacBok Air with an iPad. Dad only really uses his MBA for Skype and he finds it fiddly to drag windows about here n there.

This is wifeys iPad which I'm test driving - 64GB inside another meteorite that's just about to hit the house ^^;

Case came with the iPad. Collects dirt on the case easily and the buttons are difficult to press. But at least it does come with a way to enable it to stand up.

Will be loading the iPad with photos and screenshots for my up n coming meetings but need to start managing my photos with iPhoto. The first time I used iPhoto was 5 years ago and t was terribly slow and it ate a load of my photos too which kept me away from it. Want to be able to keep the iPhoto library on a separate HD so I can use it on different Macs. Anybody had nightmares with iPhoto so far?

There is one very lame thing about the iPad - does not charge via USB when plugged in though a USB hub - what?

Coolsome productivity device or expensive paper weight - mac product reviews always bring about the trolls for some reason even though absolutely nobody is forcing them to buy. I'm not a big fan of Apple as a company but their products help me get things done the way I need.

Apple bloody turned down my submission to the App Store for MiraiClock 2! Am wondering whether it was because of the bouncy eyes though ^^;
Right, I'll submit it the app so that when you swipe "up up down down left right left right" then the bouncy eyes appear.

Negative views on Apple products are absolutely fine here.
Insulting others who use these products is absolutely not fine around here. Prejudice against others for their color, what they eat, how they speak, where they are from, what they like or what they buy is a boo boo and does not accomplish anything in life. Lets focus on getting our own lives in order rather than spending it flaming others.