Internet Filtering

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/05/13 23:32 JST in Misc

Decided to try out one of the public terminals for internet access when waiting for the train from Berlin to Munich. Payed two euros, headed for the terminal and typed "" to be greeted with "You have tried to access a page which is in violation of your internet usage policy" and the reason was because this site was categorized under "pornography" ^^; But thank the good internets for tools like which enables one to view any site regardless of these "web filtering tools."

Have been aware from your comments and from comrades that this site has been blocked at workplaces/facilities and wonder what you think? The Otaku culture seems to be rich in ero topics and covering those topics from time to time is unavoidable for an Otaku/Japan related site. I do try my best to label content thats "adult" and keep a balance of what I write. Besides, I care for my readers and hope that posting the occasional 2D girl or Idol image contributes to the good health of my fellow otaku.

Regarding the other content, I know that there has been a lack of Gundam posts and I think thats mainly because of the increasing lack of time I've had to actually make Gunpla since setting up my company. In the meantime you should catch up on your Gundam news on Gunota and on the Gundam category on

I do want to increase and organize all the living-in-Japan related articles for folks who are interested in living in Japan with the goal of helping you hit the ground running when you arrive in Japan. Will also be increasing the amount of Japanese office tours.

I still love figures and you should continue to expect more as I work closely with various figure makers on "stuff" ^^;

As for features, the member-to-member messaging, video posting and personalized top page are the next items on the roadmap.

Nearly forgot what I wanted to ask ^^; Do you think that the amount of ero content on this site is too much, too little, not needed or just right? Been on the move again in Germany and currently in Heidelberg. Catching a plane back to Tokyo tomorrow. Cant wait to open a load of unopened SAFS waiting for me ^^;