International Tokyo Toy Show

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2013/06/18 17:58 JST in Anime
The International Tokyo Toy Show 2013 took place last weekend and we went down to take a gander at the various toys that they had on display. Unlike the Wonfes, TAF or ACE, the Tokyo Toy Show is largely mainstream toys aimed at the younger audience.
We take a lookie at goodies by Bandai, Takara Tomy, Sega Toys, Bushiroad, Lego, Happinet, Fisher Price, Line, Nintendo (Pokemon), Nerf and more.
First up - life-size Precure figures. How many of you fancy having these around your garden?
Entrance fee for Buyer's Days for most events are free - just bring a copy of your business card.
Heading to the Tokyo Big Site East Hall 1-4.
An area set aside for wheeling n dealing.
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Up n coming toy products by Takara Tomy Marketing.
Megatron from "Transformers : Dark of The Moon".
The new Pokemon X and Y launching worldwide on October 12th.
Loadsa pokemon plushie up for grabs.
Terebi de Pokemon Getto! Poké Ball - for those aspiring to become a pokemon master.
Even more goodies at the pokemon corner.
The new Furby Japanese edition works with iPhone and Android.
Protect your family with Nerf.
Mr. Potato Head is turning Japanese.
Dancing Face-Stand makes your phone more..."interesting."
Loads of Pretty Rhytym goodies. In Japan many anime targeted at little girls are cleverly crafted to be enjoyed by adults too.
Some of the Pretty Rhythm girls in action below.
Hatsune Miku X Licca-chan.
More 1/6 scale dolls.
Huge plarail diorama.
Bored of Transformers, Takara Tomy now do Madoka and Homura with their new doll brand "liccarize."
Rubie's Japan Iron Man Mark 42 costume will be available for 1800000 yen from mid-September. Any takers?
Hot Toy's Tony Stark Workshop Version 1/6 scale figure.
Variant Play Arts "DC Comics" Batman by Square Enix.
Char Aznable x Auris collaboration - the Zeonic Toyota for all Gundam Fans.
Morinaga & Company's booth with a load of noms.
Checking out Drecom's social game "Furusato Jieitai" - illustrated by Mibu Natsuki-sensei who brought you the Tetsudou Musume series.
Tis officially approved by Japan's Self Defense Force too.
The new Mutant Ninja Turtles will begin airing in Japan next spring. How many of you have seen the original anime?
At the Bushiroad booth, big boss Kidani-san gives a presentation on their upcoming title Buddy Fight. More info due to be released in October.
From left to right - CoroCoro Comic Chief Editor Murakami-san, Big Boss Kidani-san and O.L.M CEO Okuno-san.
Bushiroad have the rights to My Little Pony in Japan - I hear the series is popular among American adults? Is it horses having hanky panky?
Huge lego crafts of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader at the Lego booth.
More Star Wars Lego goodies.
Evangelion jigsaw puzzle in many different shapes and sizes.
4D City Scape Time Puzzle Tokyo - for those interested in learning how Tokyo looked like in the past and present.
3D puzzle of famous architectures by Heart Art Collection.
Spongebob Squarepants instrument and plushies.
All kinds of R/C cars and helicopters.
Gintama, Naruto, One Piece and Precure mini-posters.
Shingeki no Jigsaw Puzzle.
Now entering the Bandai booth.
Soft vinyl kaiju figures.
Sentai series - Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.
How many of you played Bandai's arcade card game Aikatsu! ?
Life-size Monsters, Inc.
HG build Gunplas on display.
Space Battleship Yamato 2199 booth featuring a huge replica of Yamato.
Smart pants for your smart phones...
Wide assortment of Peko-chan goodies at the Fujiya booth.
Exhibitors from outside Japan also gathered for the event - many being OEM.
Macross Sheryl jigsaw puzzle illustrated by HIRONOX-sensei.
Zuttomo Candy-ful Nail - DIY nail art kit for kids.
I've always thought that Sylvanian Families were cute but never ended getting any ^^;
As Tokyo Toy Show is targeted for younger audiences, products like baby strollers were also on display.
Fisher Price also had a booth.
Hello-kitty stuff for the wee lads.
Anpanman face bread at the Anpanman Garden booth.
The Sega Toys booth.
Jewelpod Diamond Premium - a smart phone toy for the young girls.
Anpanman inspired bento boxes.
Plushies from the Nyanko Daisenso game - available on iTunes and Google Play.
Big Sight!