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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/08/28 23:12 JST in Misc

"There are ideas that change the way many people think, spend, and live. Some people ride these waves of ideas and are carried forward, while others tread water and let the waves pass through them.
A few harness these waves and channel them in new more powerful directions that impact everyone. Each of these waves is an IMPRINT."

Thats the blurb taken from the official site of the Imprint 2007 conference which is to be held in Los Angeles this September 13th. The conference will take a deep dive into the following subjects.

  • Street wear imprint dictating what the largest brands do for their next season
  • Imprint of bloggers who can bring multi-million dollar companies to their knees
  • Biggest on-demand entertainment imprint thats leveling the playing field for Asians

I have been invited to speak on a panel at the Imprint conference about, blogging, web2.0 etc. I will be on with the other panelists at 10.30AM and stay on for the rest of the agenda. If you can make it then see you in Little Tokyo at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy. Registration costs 459 USD for the whole day. If you cant make it then let me know if you are on for a meet up in LA - I leave LA on the 18th. Blog updates will continue everyday as usual ^^.

Not spent quality time in the US since I left Amazon so will stay for a week and look around the national parks (Yosimite/Universal) - would love to hear any recommendations.

The screenshot is of my speaker profile at the Imprint official site (look under speakers) - image taken from my Profile.

That reminds me - thinking of getting an iPhone but will need to hack it so that I can use it outside the US - any hacking tips would also be welcome ^^;