Image Uploader

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/04/28 18:59 JST in Misc

Took me ages to get round to it but its finally up - the image uploader. Members can finally upload images and soon videos too.

The screenshot below shows the new member widget on the top page. Each thumbnail represents the last post made and displays the category for that post.
Each post is known as a News Item. So that you dont get confused with News Items that I post, my News Item thumbnails are labeled "DC News" while member item thumbnails are labeled "Member News."
You can find all Member News in the tab that I also highlighted in the screenshot. Have a lookie at what members have been posting so far. Below: And when you click through to see all posts you can see a new carousel menu - use the arrows at either side of the menu to scroll left or right to reveal more categories. The thumbnails in each category are automatically taken from the last post made in that category. You will notice that the second thumbnail is "figurefm" and that when you click through you will see all posts tagged with "figurefm."
This is the new home for the community. Due to the unexpected amount of clients requesting services of Mirai Inc, I have not had much time to participate or look after Now thats its on the platform, I can spend more time with you talking about your figure shoots and Gunpla making.

Being on the platform means faster uploads, continuous improvement of the user experience and interaction with more people seeing your Gunpla work or figure shoots. This will also mean more exposure for your blog too - just make sure you contribute to the community by posting the occasional figure news instead of just "more pics at my blog" ^^;

To deter trolls from doing what they do best in life, only members who have commented on more than 25 times and have been registered for more than 2 weeks can use the uploader.
One thing that Trolls are not good at are posting comments which look genuine so are easily spotted 2.5 miles away - especially with features like the comment tracker. This is why I lowered the comment hurdle down from 50 to 25 - but members still need to be registered for more than 2 weeks to use the uploader.

An up n coming feature called "Nuke" will enable trusted members to zap a troll - this should hopefully convince trolls that wasting time building up trust and then be nuked within seconds after posting evil pictures is not good use of ones life.
Senior trusted members on the site will have a red button to push and when a few of these members push their buttons, trolls get nuked on the spot and the site goes in self defense mode for that troll.

If you are a member at and do not meet these requirements, mail with your *and* username. To enable me to confirm that you are really who you say you are, stick something in the "Amazon assoc. tag" field in your edit profile page at and let me know what the tag is - it can be anything and you don't need a real amazon tag.

Once I have confirmed that you are who you say you are, I will enable the uploader for you.

Below: When you click through to your profile page, you will see a few changes. In your profile box you will see a new menu with links to your News Items, Puchi Blurbs, Comments and Videos. If you click on "News Item", you will see a sub menu below that enabling you to view your News Items by category. As with the last figure giveaway, future giveaways and prizes of figures, gundams and other goodies will be limited to members who actively participate in the community by using the uploader.

The new uploader tool means that we can not only share information via comments but by images too and will open up the "show us your room" pool soon.
I think I asked before but cant remember - do you want an eroge (hentai) CG category?