Illustrator Kurot

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/10/14 10:50 JST in Mascot
An incredible pool of talent we have here at This time I'm honored to have a well known artist called Kurot (Pixiv, Deviant) illustrate this most most cutesome tearful Mirai-chan for us.
Lovely belly! ^o^
And a look at her work plucked from her Pixiv and Deviant.
Just like Chris, with our incredible pool of talent, I have a strong feeling that the next person I hire early next year will be a reader.
Candidates don't need to meet all the requirements that I listed in the Jobs in Tokyo. The most important thing is for folks to demonstrate that they can do stuff and do it without being asked. The Japan Work Benefits article explains how I used this way of thinking and ended up getting a job in Japan ^o^
I like fresh milk. I'll take 2 gallons.
Kurot will be visiting Japan soon and look forward to meeting up with her.