How to Become a Ninja Girl

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Last year we had a look at the steps needed to become a ninja. Today we take a look at what it takes to become a ninja girl otherwise known as Kunoichi (くノ一). The training ground is same as last year - Edo Wonderland in Nikko.
But before I continue here is something for fact fans. If you take a look at the characters for Kunoichi (くノ一), you will notice that all those strokes when combined make up the kanji for "woman" (女).

This time round I brought along Elly Otoguro (@ellyotoguro) to train to become a kunoichi. I've already graduated as a ninja so this time I'm training to upgrade my rank to a Chu Nin (中忍). Speaking of which - Ninja Gaiden 3.

Step 1 - Seek and prove worthiness to Sensei

First step is to seek the sensei who taught me last time and ask if he would train Elly. Sensei then first asks Elly to prove her worthiness in battle.

Sensei and his minion ninja's disappear in a puff of smoke and attack Elly from left right n center.

You already know this but ninja's move fast ^^;

Elly puts up a brave fight but is left bewildered due to the other ninja's speed.

Sensei accepts Elly as his student and starts training her on how to use the ninja star called Shuriken (手裏剣). The kanji for Shuriken is directly translated as the "sword (hidden) behind the hand".

Brought along my camera and sound crew to film Elly's progress for Culture Japan Season 2.

Our sensei is a stuntman and an actor too - he was also in the Tom Cruise flick The Last Samurai.

Elly passes her first training and its off for the next step.

Step 2 - Leaping over mountains

In the next lesson, Elly learns how to leap over mountains which require a running start of 3 miles to build up momentum.

Mountain leaping training complete - now its time to face the maze.

Step 3 - Escape the Maze

The maze is not just any old boring maze - comes complete with sliding walls which needed to slide in a particular order to get out. Some of the walls spin around too. Here Elly has already left the maze while I run around in circles ^^;

Edo Wonderland is a great place for cosplay photos and there were a load of cosplayers about.

The kids love Edo Wonderland where they can get dressed up in gear from the Edo period.

This is the second year filming at Edo Wonderland. Last year was the same time - in the middle of a boiling hot Summers day ^^;
I drank several cans of Pocari Sweat but didn't go toilet much so probably sweated off all the water instead?!

The broom is attached to a cable from a 30 foot tall crane for this Ninja Potter sequence.

Step 4 - Balance Training

Time for Elly to improve her balance skills in the Ninja Kai Kai Tei building. This place is just incredible and just has to be experienced by everybody!
The building is slanted and as soon as you go in, your senses are all thrown off - everything looks normal but gravity pulls you to one side of the room. Unless you already live in a place like this, you are guaranteed to feel dizzy as soon as you go in. If I ever get to build my own house I'd love to have a small room like this ^^;

I do all my own stunts - all I could do was laugh and cry as I slammed my foot in the wall ^^;

Step 5 - Grappling Hook and Katana Training

Elly learns to use the ninja weapons of trade.

Step 6 - laying traps

Ninja's carry around portable fans like these which is used to blow away any chasing assailant.

Nendoroid Sharo makes an appearance during the recording.

Step 7 - Roof Top Running

Ninja's spend a third of their lives running around on rooftops. Some folks think that they are the real identity of Santa.

Step 8 - Spotting obvious danger

Obvious enemy is obvious.

Filling up with some nomalicious ramen for a very late lunch.

Step 8 - Defeat Sensei

Elly is to use all her skills learned to defeat Sensei and his ninja minions.

Elly graduates as Kunoichi and I level up to Chu Nin. We both leave the Edo period to return to present time but there is a disturbance in the time portal. Something went wrong...

If you fancy training as a ninja or kunoichi then get along to Edo Wonderland.

The Return to Edo Wonderland can be seen on Culture Japan Season 2 which starts to broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX TV next Saturday 22:30PM.

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