How to Become a Ninja

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We previously had a brief look at some of my Ninja Training at Edo Wonderland in Nikko but today want to go through all the training necessary to become a ninja in 7 hours.
This photo taken during the last stage of my training where I needed to remember how to emit the Fierce Rings Of Saturn.

Step 1 : Ninja Transformation

The first step to becoming a Ninja is to seek proper attire. Edo Wonderland has a special room where one can wear many traditional garments from the Edo period such as Samurai, Geisha, Kimono and so on.
Not all Ninja's wear black - blue helps Ninjas conceal themselves in a heard of Blue Humming Whales.

Step 2 : Seek a Ninja Sensei

The next step is to seek a Ninja Sensei who are easy to find lurking around Edo Wonderland.
Once you find a Ninja Sensei, they will always ask you to prove that you are worthy to be taught.
As you can see I have the situation completely under control.
This is the Pretending To Be Sun Bathing disciple where I bite Ninjas to come to inspect to see if I'm really Sun Bathing.
Ninja Sensei approves and is willing to teach me the Way Of The Ninja.

Step 3 : Networking

Even Ninjas need to network - as with modern day networking, comrades exist to be helped and will help you too.
The first Ninja I met during my networking is Dark Ninja. He teaches me the Fierce Rings Of Saturn move.
Meeting back up with Ninja Sensei together with Black Ninja and Shadow Ninja.

Step 4 : Ninja Stars

The next training is learning how to throw Ninja Stars or "Shuriken" . Many moons ago, Ninja would dab some poison on the blades of the Nina Star. Today we skip the poison and learn the standard throwing techniques.

Step 5 : Sprinting and Jumping

The next step is "sprinting and jumping" where one is taught how to move about without making a single sound.

Step 6 : Balance Training

The next step is my fave and recommend everybody to go to Edo Wonderland just to experience it. There is a building in the park called "Ninja Kai Kai Tei" - a slanted building with the furnishing set horizontally which completely throws your senses off.
This is the entrance to Kai Kai Tei. Greater Ninjas can run along the walls. Lesser Ninjas fall flat on their face.
Some of my Ninja comrades bouncing off the walls.
These photos cant describe the feeling in one of these rooms. Once inside, you will start to feel dizzy and if you try to stand upright you will feel yourself being pulled towards one end of the room. Closing your eyes doesn't help either.
Experienced anything like this in your neck of the woods?
Clinging on for dear life ^^;
The outside of Kai Kai Tei.
Have to go back and take a pose just like those kids! I promised Shiori Mikami that I would take her next time ^^;

Step 7 : Alert Awareness

Sometimes Ninja Sensei would leave me alone for a while - only to spring attacks on me. Need to be alert when I eat and go toilet too which is dangerous in itself as I could cut something off that's important.
Here one of the Ninja's sprung a surprise. He warns me to be on my guard at all times before sommersaulting into the river.

Step 8 : Rest and Recuperation

Even a Ninja needs rest from time to time - something I need to do more often after I get out of this time-slip back to present day Tokyo.

Step 9 : Rescue the Musume

The lady is called a "Machi Musume" literally meaning "town girl." She was the one who guided me to the Ninja Transformation room.
The last stage of my Ninja training was to rescue the Machi Musume from the Ninja's using all the skills that I learned up until then.
Ninja's appear from all angles using various attack patterns - but they taught me well.
Ah, they didn't teach me that one...
Ninja Sensei uses the Dark Spinning Frog Of Doom move. He didn't teach me that one either.
Ninja Sensei: Well done Danny! You have passed all the tests and are now a True Ninja.
Ninja Sensei : You have completed all the training. Please accept this scroll.
Machi Musume: You are a True Ninja Danny! What does the scroll say?!
Danny: ...Its says...
Edo Wonderland Nikko Edo Mura is approximately 2 hours from Tokyo by train. You can get there a couple of ways:-
  1. From Asakusa Station take the Tobu Kinugawa Line to Kinugawa-onsen Station , then a local bus (15min/400yen) or taxi (10min/about 1600yen).
2. From JR Shinjuku , Ikebukuro or Omiya station , take the direct train "Kinugawa" or "Spacia-Kinugawa " to Kinugawa-onsen Station , then a local bus (15 min /400yen) or taxi (10 min /about 1600yen) to Edo Wonderland.
If you are going by car, you can punch in the following address.
Thanks to everybody at Edo Wonderland Nikko Edo Mura!
This filming was broadcast last Saturday in Japan on Tokyo MX TV for Culture Japan and will be available soon to folks at Animax Asia and then the rest of the world.
The studio part of this episode also had some Ninja shenanigans with special guest Shiori Mikami.
Now armed in present day Tokyo with Ninja armory and a Ninja license. Still more to come from Edo Wonderland in Nikko!
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