Hong Kong Trip

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2010/03/17 04:53 JST in Travel
Leaving for Hong Kong in a bit and am very much looking forward to the trip. Its always nice to discover and experience different cultures.
This first photo was taken back in 2006-ish when I was over for a trip with Microsoft.
Also most looking forward to om nom noming some good Hong Kong food ^o^
The reason I'm over in HK is because I've been invited over by the DotAsia Organisation who are the official production partner for the 4th AFA (Asian Film Awards). The event is being held on the 22nd and I've been given an iron man briefcase which gives me access to some of the celebs. A list of some of the folks I'll be mingling with on this page.
Jackie Chan is on the list but apparently not 100% confirmed yet - me want a piccy with Jackie Kor Kor. Whos your fave Asian actor/actress and who should I be on the look out for to ask questions and snap photos? Video of the event from last year - so many cute actresses ^^;
Dollfie World is a famous doll store in Hong Kong located at the Ginza Plaza. The owner Natalie together with Stepswalker have kindly arranged a gathering of doll owners for me this Saturday 3pm at Dollfie World. If you would like to come along then feel free to do so - if you have a daughter then bring her along too! You need not be interested in dolls to come along - but if you cant stand the sight of them then it may be not your thing ^^;
Address: Shops B29-B30, B50 B/F Ginza Plaza, 2A Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Hong Kong.
We plan to hang around the shop and then go for some yummy grub after.
This is the place you should be looking for. Photo snapped by Stepswalker. See you there at 3PM!
Currently packing my essentials for the trip. Can only take one daughter and not sure who ^^;
Have asked the relatives to feed the rest of the daughters at least twice a day ^^;
Some more photos taken on my last trip. Will only be taking the Lumix GF1 this time round.