Hong Kong Day 2

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2010/03/23 02:40 JST in Travel

Day 2 in Hong Kong. Doesn't include photos of brekkie, visit to Dollfie World, Bandai offices/lunch. Bandai stuff will be in a separate post.

Absolutely love walking around the city. So much goes through my mind just from being here. Reminds me a lot of when I first visited Japan. I could sit at Shibuya Hachiko crossing and watch the world go by all afternoon without getting bored. Spent an afternoon in Mong Kok having some bubble tea while watching people, trends and the way of life here. Rides on the bus looking out from the top floor have also been inspiring the next goals in life.

Many folks tell me that they find it difficult to discover their passion and destination. One of the things I would suggest is to take a trip to somewhere different from where one lives. There one will experience new feelings and emotions which stimulate one into thinking and visualizing the next step in life.

Destinations you choose that may seem to lead to a dead end are actually vital turning points in life as you will find a piece of the jigsaw puzzle at the "dead end" which is needed to discover what other path you should be taking.
Was having a conversation with a comrade today who told me that he was afraid of taking the wrong path and heading to an undesired destination which would be just a waste of time.
I told him that it would not be a waste of time as he will find his jigsaw piece and that if he never set out to reach any destination that nothing would happen. Doing nothing will always lead to nothing. Doing something will always bring about something regardless of the outcome. And remember - if you knew what the outcome was going to be before you set out on your journey then life would be boring - and that's not what you want.

Need to pack up for the plane back to Tokyo tomorrow - another lovely early morning flight. Will post more stuff from Hong Kong and update you on the anime project and other Japan stuff when I get back.

Thanks again to the DotAsia Organization for having me over and thanks to all the hospitable comrades who I met for the first time on this trip.

謝謝香港的朋友們對我很好。我快會回來香港。希望7月再來。那時會帶來白色的東西。。。星球大戰的 ^o^ 然後以後我會學多一點廣東話。