Hong Kong Day 1

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2010/03/19 02:30 JST in Travel

Its great being back in Hong Kong again. Listening to a load of Cantonese is reviving my speaking ability again - have only been using it when speaking to mum or dad sometimes.
Hong Kong is so atmospheric. I love the neon signs that stick out from the sides of the shops and can gaze at them all day.

I've only been here for just over 24 hours and so much has happened already. Had a great meeting with Bandai Asia at their head offices today and look forward to finally announcing whats going on. Some other events have brought forward the launch of the Chinese version of dannychoo.com too. French will be this month and Chinese in June. Also looks like I'll probably be back in Hong Kong again in July. 2010 is turning out to be a big year. Bigger than I ever imaged @.@

Arrival at our hotel - Island Shangri-La. Gorgeous view and lovely place to stay too. Will to post a separate review of the hotel. Wonder why they gave me two body guards. Have I done something wrong of late? @.@

And our view by night.

Sabers hair got well ruffled during the flight. Poor thing.

This is where I'm working from for the next few days.

Its time to go out n about. First off its getting hold of an Octopus card - just like the Japanese equivalent of Suica or Pasmo - electronic money card which you can pick up for 100 HK dollars and charge up as needed.

Use the Octopus card to get around on the subway.

And use the Octopus card to pay for food too.

Hong Kong is covered in Wi-Fi all over the gaff. Some of it is free. I managed to do some live broadcasting from the iPhone this evening from a free government Wi-Fi connection at the harbor.

Time to get connected. Picked up this SIM card from Seven Eleven for 98 dollars. No data included but comes with free access to PCCW Wi-Fi points.

Once the SIM is in the accidentally jailbroken iPhone, you will see a load of other carriers - but this SIM only works with PCCW. Shame we cant use the 3G. Didn't manage to find any SIMs that came with data.

The first thing we ate - some yummy won ton noodles.

Saw a load of folks buying second hand devices ranging from NDS to iPhone. Are there folks walking out n about who suddenly want to get rid of their gadgets? @.@
Well I guess they may want to if the items are hot...

Did use the taxi a bit but always like to adventure onto the subway.

Use the Octopus card on the buses too.

Stumbled onto some Mirai Suenega cosplay outfit (ecchi ver.)

This lady apparently gives you foot massages or something.

Char siew rice! But tasted rather average ToT.

Who is this lady with the long hair? Is she famous? A cutie she is.

OK. I'm going to drop you here as I need to get on with other things that I owe you - new giveaway, Bandai Asia office report and more.