Hologram Concert

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2013/09/02 10:02 JST in Mascot
I was sceptical when I heard about how a hologram concert could be done with materials like bridal or mosquito netting or even net curtains - then we tried it out ourselves and was proven wrong.
For our first tests, the effect is quite good - next we need to work on tweaking the environment variables such as the type of material we are going to use to catch the projection, type of projector, angle and brightness of projector etc.
We are also working on a new MMD model of our Mirai Suenaga too and some new tunes by vividblaze and choreography by folks who done the dance moves in Macross Frontier for Ranka Lee.
When all variables have been tweaked, we get enough rigging and do a live size test at a CJ Night in the near future - within the next few weeks.
The following is just one of the videos we used for reference. It shows how the netting can be more effective than a more expensive screen.
Will be updating you with progress on our experiments so that you too can make your own hologram concerts ^^
The type of mosquito netting we tried shows streaks of light. Then we tried net curtains which show absolutely no streaks but was too thick and quite noticeable unless its pitch black.
Much more fun to watch Mirai dancing life size as a "hologram" - for now watch her dance on your screen below.