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If there is one place that you need to visit in Akihabara then that would be Hobby Tengoku - the Volks store located right outside Akihabara station.
Its filled with all of your hobby needs including Gundam's, Dolls, Figures and anime merchandise.

To get to Hobby Tengoku, just get off at Akihabara station Electric Town exit - but turn right after the ticket barriers and walk towards the main Chuo Dori street - you will see Hobby Tengoku on the right.

Volk's Hobby Tengoku in Akihabara is comprised of 3 floors - 1st floor contains anime/otaku souvenir, 2nd floor has figures/plastic models and 3rd floor features doll and doll related products.

Cospa goodies.

Just by the cashier is...

...the huge Moekana and Moekanji corner! The first collaboration with Volks x Mirai Suenaga.

Hobby Tengoku has a load of foreign customers - luckily Mirai-chan can speak the same languages as me to guide them. Like father like daughter ^^;;

Akihabara Oppai Pudding and Fit's Link - Lotte X Gundam collaborated Zaku chewing gum.

Chunibyou Tablets - for those with Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome.

Japanese emoticon inspired Daifuku.

Moe-Russian roulette cookies - like in the game of Russian roulette, 2 out of 12 cookies are very hot n spicy. Serious otaku will go for the ones the left in which 10 of the 12 cookies are extremely spicy.

Idol festival corner - for fans of idol training games such as Idolm@ster and Aikatsu.

Cuties from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls. Check out Cospa for more of their Tsumamare Strap series .

Ita-iPhone cases. Which one tickles your fancy?

Tsumamare Strap for Gilgamesh, Irisviel and Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero.

Ita-tumbler and ita-mug cups.

Which one of these dakimakura brides to you take to be yours?

Hobby Tengoku also has a corner dedicated for trading cards such as Bushiroad's Vanguard.

Wide variety of Nyanko-sensei apparels from Natsume Yujin-cho.

Folks can expect to find tons of second-hand garage-kits, dolls, toys and action figures from these rental showcases in the Otakara CLUB Yume no Kuni section .

Hundreds of rental showcases - some may have rare figures and goodies.

If you fancy adding any of the showcase goodies to your collection, simply fill in the order slip with the rental case number/item number and lineup at the counter.

Sword Art Online Asuna Trading Strap Collection.

Evangelion 2-Way Fragrance Mist for the body and clothing to keep your B.O under control.

Now we take a lookie at the second floor which is filled to the brim with figures, plastic models and tools to craft them.

Figure galore.

Beach Queens figure series by Wave. How many of you have these girlies in your collection?

Nendoroid corner.

Nendoroid Shuukan Hajimete no Miku Hatsune and Nendoroid Lily with optional face from other nendos.

Examples of some of the customization on nendoroid's blank expressions.

Mountain of fresh new figurines in the store.

Girls und Panzer corner with loadsa related goodies.

Senran Kagura Ikaruga figure by VERTEX.

Hobby Tengoku also carry huge selection of gunplas and model kits.

Muvluv model kits.

MG Gunplas.

If this is your first time buying gunplas then don't worry - 2nd floor has everything you need to get you started including sandpaper, spray paints etc.

Tamiya spray n top coat.

Airbrushes and sculpt knives.

And finally here is the 3rd floor dedicated to everything doll related.

Optional parts and heads for DD (Dollfie Dream).

If the retailed ones aren't your cup of tea, crafty folks can make a doll of their own from these custom heads.

Oppai parts come in variation to cater for all tastes.

This Poll is now expired

Optional hand parts for DDs.

You can change the eyes on your dollfie dream simply by opening the cap and securing them in the right position with a sticky tack.

Custom DD Neko from K Anime.

Mini Dollfie Dream Cirno.

Optional parts for MDD (mini dollfie dream).

Dollfie Dream Sister Marisa and Reimu from Touhou.

Dollfie Dream Sister Melty from Shining Hearts.

Each of these photo spaces can be rented for up to 30 mins depending on how any are waiting behind you giving you evil looks.

DDs based on Volk's original After School Akihabara Girls.

Dollfie Dream Sister Nanami from the After School Akihabara Girls.

Tis the election season in Japan and so was the Dollfie Dream world a few months ago. Head over to the official site for the results.

A small corner for doll owners to show off their gorgeous sons and daughters - Just print out a picture and post it on the cork board.

All sorts of wig in different style, color and size.

Consigned goods made by dealers including accessories, clothing and even weapons.

Asuna Dollfie.

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