Hobby Stock

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/05/02 15:51 JST in Misc

So far we have taken a look at the offices of Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Kotobukya and brief look at Nitro Plus. Today we have a look at the offices of figure and related merchandise seller Hobby Stock.

This is where they take all the figure pics.

A closer look reveals maid Komaki.

Before I forget, you can see the rest of the office tours in the Japan Office Tour category.

The recently released Yuki by Alter.

Stacks O figures.

Hobby Stock exclusive dakimakura covers modeled by Hector.

Another Hobby Stock exclusive dakimakura cover - Masane from Witchblade. Killer eyes and killer toe - check her right foot.

More figures in the other corner.

Good Smile Moetan.

Too cute?

Some mecha pandas - forgot what series they are from - name that series.

And this is the main area of their office. As you can see they have an open layout which is the typical office layout in Japan.
The first company I was at in Japan was the same. I had my own office in Amazon and Microsoft had partitions between the desks that were high enough so that you couldn't see others when you sat down.

Back in Seattle Amazon headquarters, we had a room for two developers and where there was an open hall, there were partitions high enough so that you cant see anybody when standing up.

Some people say that open partitions create good teamwork - some people say that folks need some privacy when working.

Some bosses like open office layouts so that they can watch the employees which is totally wrong in my opinion. Employees should be trusted and not presumed to be wanting to do no work.

What sort of office layout do you have? If you had your own company, would you have your office open layout (employees screens visible) or partitioned (employee screen not visible)?

The most most cutesome Good Smile Haruhi Nendo Puchi.

Mikuru lurve.

The frog outfit is most cutesome. Is there anybody here who has not watched Haruhi?

We had barbecues in their old warehouse - Miku joins in.

Oppai mouse pad - Chu Chu Idol.

Comrade Shimazo-sans desk full O goodies.

Name that girl with the big eyes.

Name those mechas.

Hobby Stocks mascot character - forgets name.

This is Nard Tan right?

Hobby Stock have been doing quite well and have moved their warehouse to a bigger one. We had a celebration BBQ at their old warehouse.

The word for "burnable rubbish" is "moeru gomi." The "moe" in "moeru" beans "to burn."
The "moe" used here however means "moe" as in "moe girl" - a play on words. I guess folks who understand a little bit of Japanese will get this one ^^;

Most of the food gone.

Nabbed this from Hobby Stock - a pair of pantsu that they gave away with Nard Tan ^^;

Could not be bothered to cast off Fauna so stuck it on her leg in "pantsu-falling-down-leg" style.

Konomi ecchi.