Hiromi Nishiuchi

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/03/24 05:15 JST in Japanese Idols

Was doing some spring cleaning of the hard drive and stumbled upon these photos that I took of Hiromi Nishiuchi that I forgot to upload ^^;

Apart from the regular sightseeing, folks visiting Tokyo may want to give an Idol photo shoot a whirl.
The folks at Berry Waffle are great and will help you with your camera settings and also have one of those huge flash lights that sync with your digital SLR - forgot what they are called. You need a bit of Japanese language ability under your belt though.

You can have a look at the the previous Idols that I've snapped in the Idols category which include more pics of Hiromi-chan.

As for these pics - was playing around with cameras and lenses hence the difference in color and clarity in some of these photos.

Speaking of hard drives and Idol photos, how many GB's of health related material do you have on your hard drive?

I remember when I started computing over ten years ago - my first drive was a whopping 4GB's connected to the internets via a 56k modem.
Was downloading a ton of doujin images which took up about 3 GB's out of the 4 ^^;