Headphone Girls

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/09/24 17:41 JST in 2D Girls
The Headphone Girls Pictorial features the illustrations of 52 well known illustrators including INO and Range Murata.
The book includes a few lovely posters. Not sure what it is but girls in headphones look good.
I think I can now bring myself to pay the 5000 yen or so needed to get some for my daughters - these ones from the Doll Show in November.
The book features detailed reviews of headphones that are available on the market by many different manufacturers - with each one illustrated being worn by a cute 2D girlie.
Looks like a great collaboration piece to me - the makers probably pay for placements and the publisher sends pics of approved headphones to an illustrator. Illustrators are usually paid a flat fee for a single piece.
Artwork done for a specific purpose is called Kaki-oroshi .
In my line of work (now and at Microsoft), I've seen rates for a single illustration ranging from 5000 yen (50 USD) to 100,000 yen (1000 USD).
I know there are many DC readers who do illustrations. Do you make pocket money from your work or make a living from it?
This girl is really sweet!
This is my fave girl in the book. Looks like Mio-chan. Gorgeous eyes. Will probably cut this leaf out and stick it on the wall.
How many of you put up posters? When I was a wee lad, I had a couple of posters up ^^;
Another cute girlie who reminds me of Negima. Hmmm. Zettai Ryoiki
The book also contains some manga too.
Currently available at J-List for 32 USD.
Speaking of Zettai Ryouiki, J-list have this rather stylist T-shirt available for those who want to express how much they like that zone between where the stockings end and the bottom of the skirt starts.
Available now for 18.95 USD.