Haruka Nogizaka

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2009/10/20 23:52 JST in 2D Girls

Introducing our new member of staff - Haruka Nogizaka.
Hmmm. She does not seem to wear much either even though its starting to get chilly here in Tokyo. She likes to sit in my chair.

OK, for those who have not guessed, Haruka is actually a Dakimakura cover - and not just any old cover - shes one that comes free in the latest issue of G's Festival!.

Well kind of free - the magazine and dakimakura pack will cost you 48 USD from JList.
Considering that average dakimakura covers cost about 100 USD, tis is a bargain.

And the quality is top notch too. Excellent print but one sided only which is enough I guess.

Mmmmmm. Kawaii. I'm sooo behind on my anime. Have not seen any of the second season yet.

This photo should give you an idea of how silky she is which is important for folks who plan on keeping their dolphin in tip top shape for the years to come.
As for the creases - they disappear after unfolding and hanging up outside the balcony.
Peter has a few left at Jlist.

This months Megami has the usual anime characters prodding their feet at you. Instock at JList for 14USD.

Dengeki Hime packed with the usual eroge news n screenshots of faithful waifu.
Instock at Jlist for 14 USD.

And a look inside Nyan Type - anime stuff including a Strike Witches manga.
Instock at JList for 12.80 USD.

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