Harajuku Guide

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2011/12/27 16:34 JST in Places to visit in Japan
When I first came to Japan, I asked my comrades where they recommend me visit. One of the places they said was Harajuku ] because it had a load of school girls ^^;
There is lots to see and do at Harajuku - especially on a Sunday. Yoyogi Park ] is a huge park where you will find a load of folks singing and dancing and Meiji Jingu is the large shrine in the middle of the park. Harajuku is also home to one of the largest toy stores in Tokyo - Kiddy Land.
Harajuku is also home to the Softbank store and when there is a new iPhone or iPad launch then you can expect to see folks queuing up outside.
If you are after a slice of fashion then Harajuku is where its at. Depending on where you go, the prices and style of fashion vary.
The area around Takeshita Dori is generally aimed at students who are after idol stuff, accessories and clothes on a lower budget.
The Omotesando area is filled with brand names - the huge shopping center called Omotesando Hills is filled stuff for folks who have a wee bit more cash to burn.
And then there is this neck of the woods (where most of the photos in this post are taken) which has many fashion stores where prices seem to be in between - not sure if there is a name for this area in particular but it can be found branching off from Omotesando - check the map below.
The station to get off at is Harajuku on the Yamanote line but you can also get there by getting off at Meiji Jungu Mae which is on the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Metro line.
Walking down towards Omotesando.
When you reach the crossroads, continue to walk straight ahead.
"animal cruelty is a crime"
T'was my first time exploring this street. Thats what I love about Tokyo - there is always new things to discover.
Was still early in the morning so not that many folks out yet.
110 is the number that you dial for the police. 110 (Hyaku To Ban) is pronounced as "Hyaku Toh Ban" 110番]ひゃくとおばん].
During this time of year, we get a lot of clear blue crisp skies.
One noticeable thing about this neck of the woods is that most of the shop names and signs are in English.
A pile of snow only outside this shop for some reason.
Kiddy Land has been temporarily relocated to this street while the old location is being dismantled and rebuilt - should be ready by mid 2012.
The sign on the right says "Its time to make the decision to abolish nuclear power" - Japan Communist Party. Ever since the bother we've had with the nuclear accident, political parties are promising the abolishment of nuclear power.
Been in Japan for 12 years but only been to TGI's once ^^;
Folks queuing up for lunch.
Harajuku station - the exit opposite Takeshita Dori.
Run out of penguin juice - charge your suica to ride the trains, busses and pay for goods and services too.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 just out.
Back on the trains heading back to base.
Meet Ultraman at Tokyo Dome City.
Blue Skies Tokyo. All photos taken on the Sony NEX-5N and you can get all the HD sized versions of these photos at Google Plus.
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