Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

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CNY Yuki & Mirai

I'm a bit early but wanted to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate!
While the Lunar Calendar is observed in Korea, it is not so in Japan and its just another regular day over here.

But we do have a few of us celebrating in the office just like DD Yuki and Smart Doll Mirai - here are a few photos of them engaging in some dragon dancing shenanigans before I give you some Ang Bao at the end of the post ^^;

Mirai Ang Bao

Ang Bao!
How much did you get this year?
As I was brought up with an Indian family (which you already read about) and being in the UK and all that, I didn't really get a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year much and didn't end up giving or receiving much Ang Bao either.

Are you a Chinese living overseas and find that its the same with you or does your family go all out to celebrate?

Anime Ang Bao Templates

And here is the AngBao that I promised you - Ang Bao templates coutesy of Mirai-chan and co ^o^
Get the original high res PNG versions with transparency at Flickr.

Mirai Suenaga CNY Version

And here are the separate greetings from each of our characters - first up its Mirai Suenaga who wishes you a happy Chinese New Year!
High res versions of these are also available at Flickr which you can also print out to decorate your home or office ^o^


Kizuna Yumeno CNY Version

Kizuna Yumeno in the CNY mood.

Kanata Hoshikawa in the CNY Mood.

Haruka Suenaga CNY Version

Haruka Suenaga in the CNY Mood.

Chitose Shirasawa CNY Version

Chitose Shirasawa in the CNY mood.

Poor Eiji-kun always comes last ><

Thanks to Sh3rli for sending in these photos!

Found this on Sh3rli's Facebook - cuties!