Halo 3

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/11/07 05:20 JST in Games

Just had breakfast meeting with Ken Taya - the artist who runs enfu and popular with his Hybrid Nippop art.

Ken is one of the environment artists responsible for the environment that surrounds you in Halo. If you have any feedback for him them leave them here ^^;
Met up with Ken to discuss bits n bobs n this n that.
Also learned that Ken works with one of my Amazon ex-colleagues at Bungie. Small world.

Ken brought some swag for us including these Halo Kubricks signed by the core developers on Halo. Cant wait to visit Seattle again.

Any Halo players here? How does it compare with other online FPS? Ken was also telling me how fights break out between groups and they try to kill each other - the looser getting something called a "face hump." I still have to delve into the world of online gaming but Ken warned about how it could get addictive.

I still have not ventured into the 360 world anyway as I hear the red ring of death is still quite common.