Gunpla Modeling

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2010/01/13 09:02 JST in Gundam

Sorry to have kept you waiting on this. Bandai just got back to AFA with the prizes for the Bandai World Gunpla Competition.

And this is what the winners get - An AFA Limited edition MG RX-78-2 Mechanical Smoke Clear Version. Would all winners please send mail to and CC . The AFA will send you your goodies directly.
All winners were decided by the AFA committee and I've left their comments in the quotes below.

Coolest free-style Gunpla

From MG to PG - kitbash or plain original. This entry stood out because we initially thought it was a PG but it turned out to be a 1/100 kit.

Cutest Super-Deformed (SD) Gundam

Is your SD Gundam the cutest of them all? Stood out because of build quality

Coolest Gundam diorama

Inspire folks with your cool diorama. Completely scratched built from nothing into an impressive diorama.

Most amusing Gunpla

We all need a good laugh from time to time and we want your Gunpla to amuse us all.
Lots of laughs at the AFA office with this comic strip.

Bandai, the AFA and I thank all who participated in the contest and you can see the other most coolsome entries over at

Bandai just happen to be coming over to the office for a visit today and looks like there will be more Bandai x shenanigans. I want to make sure that Gundam folks start to get more lurve ^^;

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