Gundam Unicorn Anime OP

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/02/04 01:25 JST in Gundam

Awesome fanmade Gundam Unicorn OP. Love the animation style - reminded me of one of my fave Gundam OP's -Stardust memory.

And Stardust Memory below.

And while I'm at it - don't let the OP of War in the Pocket below fool you - a brilliant anime which will make all Gundam fans cry manly tears.

Whats your fave Gundam OP?

Original text from wildflug below.Gundam Unicorn comes next after OO?!?!?!!?!

Or so you think...... I was stupified when I saw this at Youtube, darn it's AWESOME!!! Even though that it's not its official song (The song is I don't want to cry: by Romantic Mode) it was okay for an OP. So yeah, it's fan made.

So, if Unicorn would be the next series, will you watch it? Well, I surely will!!!

The image is courtesy of member tenrou. I hijacked it from one of his posts, peace dude ^^