Gundam Odaiba

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/06/10 18:09 JST in Japan
Just got back from Odaiba to see the 1/1 scale RX78 Gundam. WOW. Seen pics of it by day and wanted to see it by night.
While its mostly completed, the fence was still up and I guess they still need to work on some small bits n pieces including the base that Gundam stands on.
It was very dark and had a tough time getting good shots. Brought the tripod along but it was too dark for auto focus to work properly.
The detail on the RX78 is just incredible. I want to see what it looks like on a sunny day too!
The official opening is not until the beginning of July but you can bet that there will be loads of people there this weekend.
If you are going then here is the spot. You can get off at Odaiba station or park at Aqua City and walk to this spot.
Went along with the following folks - they got better photos than me so check out their burogu too:-
Paul Papadimitriou -
Steven Nagata -
Ken Lee -
Zuco Pietro -
Lester Ho -
Jonny Li -
Feel like making a gunpla all of a sudden ^^;
Gundam Wing!
When the Gundam is officially open to the public, it will be lit up with steam shooting out from some of the joints and I think it has limited movement of bits of its bod.
It was a bit difficult to see all the detailing due to the lack of light - recommend that you go in the day time if you want to see it before the opening.
Would be most cool if they had a Char Zak to join the RX78.
So from what I've read, it looks like the RX78 is only going to be up on display until August and then it gets pulled down after. Will work with folks to pull together a petition to keep it up ^^;
Is going to look awesome with the eyes lit up and a load of Gundam noises going off in the background.
And for those who have not seen any of the original Gundam - English dubbed. And the original Japanese OP below. Question for you Gundam fans out there - have you seen any of the original stuff?
As we near the end of the photo article, the photos are becoming crap ^^;
A truly most awesome sight - see it with your own eyes if you have the chance.
Didnt really get decent shots from the back but do check out the burogu of comrades who I went with to see what they have.
if you have not seen it yet then also check out the post at Punynari's burogu and leave him a kudos message for his fab photos.