Gundam MK II

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2005/11/14 01:57 JST in Gundam

Well I have kept you waiting long enough - here it is at last - the PG RX 178 Gundam MK II Gallery. The gallery opened quietly this morning with the USB stuff and here are the rest of the photos.
This was my first kit I made and chose the Titans colors to match my personality - dark, evil and moody ;-)
You can view all the thumbnails for this post in the Gundam MK II gallery.

MK II covers its eyes bit ends up peeking through his fingers at Maya's bottom.

MK II and Maya become an item.

Perhaps the PG models have a bit too much detail - I never end up looking right into the cockpit.
I've taken more pics of the frame with the old IXY camera and will be uploading soon (or retake the frame with the new SLR)