Gundam Figures

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2006/08/31 08:11 JST in Gundam

Taking a break from the event shenanigans to take a quick peek at the catch of the day and a word of warning....
Got my hands on the Crossbone X3 before its official release tomorrow and picked up HCM Pro Sazaby at the same time. Decided to pick up 1 of the X3 and a good thing too...

The X3 - totally happy with this - colors, slightly different upper body mold and weapons make it worth getting even for those who own the X1.

The X3 also contains parts for an X1 Kai but is probably not worth getting unless you have a few quid knocking around. If you have the X1, you can just get one X3 and you will find that the upper parts will fit onto the legs of your X1 (as pictured here).

The "Full Cross" (フルクロス) parts (those thingies hanging off the shoulders) dont fit properly onto the shoulders and just rest there - same for the parts around the neck - very very disappointing. If you are willing to use the super glue then you would get enjoyment out of this but otherwise you would be rather miffed indeed.
And to answer a previous question - the X3 does come with the cloak that you see in the X1 gallery.

The HCM Pro Sazabi is not as articulate as previous HCM Pro releases and needs some mods which I'll cover soon. Will probably use the no-paint technique on this.