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Asakawa Yuu // Voice actress and singer

Asakawa Yuu is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with the talent agency Arts Vision. Well known for being the voice behind Megurine Luka in VOCALOID2, her other notable works include voicing for Fate/stay night (Rider), Love Hina (Aoyama Motoko) and Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (Kawakami Momoyo).

vividblaze // Band

vividblaze is the Japanese duo comprising of singer Miho Tezuka and keyboardist Yasunari Okano. The group plays an eclectic mix of Jazz, Latin music, Pop and House in their songs and have worked together with Danny Choo to perform the Opening and Ending Themes for Culture Japan.

Shirahane Nao // Illustrator

Shirahane Nao (also known as DMYO) is a Tokyo-based illustrator who is known for her many artworks of Mirai Suenaga. She has drawn for many media companies in Tokyo such as Konami, Gainax and ASCII Media Works. She also manages the circle “Snow Ring”.

Maridah // Cosplayer

Maridah is an anime fan and cosplayer of more than 12 years. Her cosplay has been featured in a number of print publications worldwide, as well as on TV and online. Maridah is a show host and correspondent for EX Studio which produces programmes about anime and gaming. She is also a Brand Ambassador for Crunchyroll, the leading online anime streaming service in America. In addition to cosplay, she is an avid anime figure, Dollfie Dream, and ball jointed doll collector. This visit to Penang marks Maridah's first international event appearance.

Angie // Cosplayer

Angie is a passionate, up and coming cosplayer from Malaysia. Also known as Ringo at the popular Moe-Moe Kyun Maid Café, she has captured the hearts of a rapidly growing fanbase in the region with her high quality and wide variety of cosplays. Her love for anime and manga inspired her to start cosplaying 5 years ago, and her cosplays have been featured on various popular pages and blogs. In addition, she is also an illustrator.

Ikkyuu // Illustrator

Ikkyuu is a Japanese illustrator who specialises in cute "chibi" character artwork. He is best known for his work on the popular Moekana Japanese Learning Series, for which he has completed almost 200 illustrations. His illustrations have been used as featured artwork for collaborations with Kinokuniya, AmiAmi, Nitroplus, Yuzusoft, Anime Expo, Comic Fiesta, AirAsia, Touch N' Go, Penang Global Tourism, Sony and more. Culture Japan Con will mark his first ever international event appearance, where he will hold a panel sharing his illustration techniques, and provide tips and tricks to aspiring illustrators.
Twitter: @ikkyu019

Danny Choo // Host

Born in the UK to Chinese Malaysian parents and currently based in Tokyo, Danny Choo is the producer of the Culture Japan brand which shares Japanese culture through a series of terrestrial TV shows, characters, products and events. Danny has also been recognized for his work by the Japanese government and was appointed as a member of their Creative Industries Internationalization Committee.
Danny will return to his hometown to host the inaugural Culture Japan Convention.
Read more about Danny on his profile page.
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