Greetings From Germany

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2008/05/07 15:26 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Been up since 2AM. Body clock still on Japan time.
Brought some Melatonin to help with Jet lag but its not working this time round. I know some lucky folks who never get jet lagged. Do you get jet lagged and if so what do you do to cope with it?

A few pics taken up to my arrival in Hamburg. This was taken at Narita airport. The translation in English for this one is quite bad - "Please respect our chefs and refrain from bringing food or drink into the table." What they actually meant is "don't bring food from other shops." Their translation sounds like you are not allowed to eat at the dining table ^^;

BLT for B'fast.

The lovely Kaho spotted at the airport bookshop. Kaho showing us her lovely smile below.

The Lufthansa food is rather yummy.

Catching up on backlog of shows - Ninomiya-kun, Minamike-okawari, Mop Girl, Macross and Geass. Macross is just so awesome.
The scene where Ranka does "Watashi no kareshi was Pilot" was so nostalgic.
Original "Watashi no kareshi wa pilot" by Min Minmay below. Ranka version below. Original remix below.

Hamburg from the skies.

Current Hotel. Will be staying at a few places including overnight on a train after the conference.

Pee, poo and wash area.

Haruhi will be on stage with me ^^;
Still tweaking slides for tomorrows talk.

Out n about for a few hours during lunch.

Gorgeous weather.

Fries and frankfurter for lunch.

Going back to hotel.
Will check out the venue tonight to go over electrics, lighting etc and then dinner with the other presenters. Other updates in the News Items.