Good Smile live broadcast

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To my right is Aki TakaNori (president of Good Smile Company), below me is Max Watanabe (president of Max Factory), to the left of me is David from and the rest of the members are project leaders who work on GSC/MAX products.

Max Watanabe + David + friends.

Starting with the last Wonfes, GSC (Good Smile Company) do a live internet broadcast until the early hours of the morning to reflect on what happened at the wonfes and speak to anime voice actors/actresses, idols, sculptors and other special guests.
You can just about make out all the broadcasting equipment at the front of the office. In this pic, the president of HobbyStock was being interviewed.

Half of the Good Smile offices. The other half is full O figures (released and pre-production).
The show went on from 10PM through 4AM. Buy the time I got home it was 6AM. At the end of the broadcast, everybody gave a huge "Otsukaresama Desu!" (お疲れさまです), which is said not only as a greeting in the office but also used in this context to mean "you worked hard/thanks."

Just like Densha Otoko, we were keeping our eyes on a 2channel thread which the 2channelers set up.

I was scheduled to go on at 11.50 JST but due to it being a live broadcast and what have you, I ended up going on with David at 1.15 AM. For those who missed it, basically I was dancing in armor to Tom Jones "It's not unusual" as my entrance and then sat down with Max Watanabe to talk about figures,, Mirai Inc and also get a few words with David who was as nervous as hell ^^;

This is a pic of those name things that they stick infront of you when being interviewed.

This is going to be the 5th Shuraki box set. Her official name is Rizfis Luttiva Mente - I got the list of romanized names from Good Smile a while ago and they may change them slightly.

One of the Good Smile meeting rooms full O celebration food - David enjoying the sushi ^^;
Just like this time, for the next live broadcast, I will call out for readers to join me again - limited in number and will make it a member only entry (members registered for over 12 weeks).

The same goes for future other events. If I'm off to Bandai for example (hint hint) and can take guests, I will call out to you to join me.

Good Smile Post box - its exactly the same as our one at home ^^;

More coverage of the event later. In the meanwhile, all the decent coverage spotted at the following so far - check em out.

And thanks to Toaruhi and Rinou for a ton of traffic for the wonfes video.

BTW, the site is under some serious traffic and the server may go walkies for a while during the Wonfes coverage.