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Today we take a gander at Good Smile Company and what they have been up to of late in the United States of America. These photos taken on my recent trip to the US attending Anime Expo.

This is an aerial shot of the Good Smile Company warehouse/studios in Los Angeles which they share with artist David Choe.

Zooming back to the morning - meeting with Nitroplus boss Kosaka-san and Good Smile boss Aki Takanori in the lobby of the Westin hotel.

Trying to work out whats what - money in America is all the same color and size ><

Heading to the Good Smile warehouse.

Aki-san talks about how he used to be a part time teacher many moons ago.

Like the way you can stick a bicycle on the front of a bus.

The warehouse/studios are huuuge!

This whole place is basically a huge playhouse for David and his comrades to get creative.

They got a load of stuff to play with here.

Some artsome stuff.

The usual bucket O limbs.

Old school Robotech kits.

More artsome stuff. Dont ask what that pink thing is at the top right of the photo.

Trampoline! The first thing I do is give it a whirl - but its not very good for people like me who have spinal hernia - I get off after 2 bounces ^^;

I like these electric drum thingies!

Kosaka-san likes em too.

Lots to play with everywhere!

The second floor is filled with offices.

Aki-san gave this desk to Kosaka-san and I for our LA operations ^^;

Skulls were made by Good Smile!

Aki-san tries his dab hand at being the man of iron.


Retro transformers are retro. Whats your fave transformer?

Time to grab some noms before continuing meetings. Aki-san wanted some Farmer Boys before heading back to Japan.

Aki-san takes a liking to Glasses Companion Mirai-chan.

American food is gooood!

Another comrade likes Glasses Companion Mirai-chan.

These are just incredible - crispy Zucchini.

Back to the warehouse for more meetings.

Results of the meetings should be visible at the end of the year.

A few days earlier, we worked together on bringing the Good Smile Company X Nitro Plus panel to Anime Expo. The lady is Enna who helps out with GSC operations in the US.

We covered things like the history of both companies and projects that they are currently working on.

Time to give away some goodies!
Thanks to Kidnemo for preparing them!

The method of choosing winners is the traditional Junken.

Thought I'd throw these two photos here to keep the GSC related stuff in one place - meetings at the hotel before the panel.

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