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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2012/01/26 14:57 JST in Good Smile Company

Just another regular meeting at the Good Smile Company offices - thought I'd take photos of the goodies in the office between sessions.
All photos taken on the Sony NEX-5N with the Zeiss Sonnar F1.8 24mm.

The tree by the entrance has been inhabited by some interesting animals.

Gumako kawaii!

Cant wait to see the Vocaloids in action again. Oh damn what am I saying?! I sound as if I knew something that I'm trying to keep quiet!

Load of Three A goodies in the office.

Mongrol is huge!

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The meeting area by the entrance.

Had an external meeting with the big boss Aki Takanori before coming to the offices where he said "I've got a blue racing bicycle in the office - its yours."
I was like @.@!!! Thanks Aki-san! Will give it the Itachari treatment ASAP ^^;

And this is one of Aki-sans other bikes.

A new darts machine appeared in the office.

Cute girls in the office. Annotate the part that you looked at first when you say this scroll.

Brought my AFA co-host Yoshimi along to the meetings as she will be involved in the next project which is

The Good Smile Seijin!

The main office - more photos in this post and you can have a virtual visit in Season 1 of Culture Japan.

Also, more photo reports from other anime company offices listed up below.

Then its off to Indotei - the Indian restaurant run by figure maker Max Factory. Indotei is located within a bricks throw away from the main office and Good Smile Cafe.

The food at Indotei is just incredible!

Indotei also make Mirai-chan's own brand of curry - Mirai Curry!

Yoshimi-chan was also joined me in the studio for Episode 10 and 11 of Culture Japan Season 2 which I accidentally uploaded to YouTube below.

Heading back to base and take more photos of the snow.

Picked up a Nendoroid Calendar before leaving the office - Mirai-chan on it next year?!

If you could ask or request absolutely anything from Good Smile Company - what would it be? Use the poll or comments.