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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2008/09/04 10:01 JST in Figures

It gives me great pleasure to announce the beta launch of the English Good Smile website at
Furthermore, we have decided to announce this to readers first ^o^

Some of you are helping me work with Good Smile doing the translations and I wanted to involve you again in getting your feedback which will shape the user experience at the new Good Smile site.

Launching the English version first was a strategic decision and the Japanese version will follow within the next few weeks. For now we have most of the products registered and translated into English.
You will also see something called Danny's Corner where I write exclusively for Good Smile - you will see more to-be-released goodies over there soon. If you are an RSS person then the feed is here. Also, if you have a better naming for that section then let me know ^^;

I'm also on Good Smile's International Strategy team with a mission to make their figures more widely available across the globe - keep your mince pies peeled for more info on this.

Many views on the site have grid/list switches which you can use to change the way items are displayed - the view changes without a page refresh and remembers your preference as long as you dont delete your cookies.

I saw from your previous comments that some of you delete your cookies after browsing and wondering how many of you do that and the reason. I never delete my cookies unless I'm debugging.

Oh and yes - the grid view switches look rather naff and will be changing them very soon.

The main feed for the site is here which will enable you to keep up with the latest figure releases.

While is still running on an old version of Mirai Gaia, Good Smile gets the brand new spanking version. I do anticipate a few bugs here and there so if you spot any then leave a comment here or send me mail to .

The new Good Smile website is running on Amazon EC2 instances - goodbye to physical servers that take weeks to order/install - an AMI (Amazon Machine Instance) can be created from an existing instance and booted up within a few seconds. Fresh AMI's can also be spawned and booted up automatically to cope with any spikes of traffic.
Amazon also recently launched Elastic Block Store enabling a permanent storage volume to be mounted onto an instance - great timing for the launch of the website.

The next things to add are product search, mobile versions, portal skinning, shipping date calendar, bread crumbs, drop down menus, related items, better category discovery, site map and general cleaning up of UI.

Up until now you had to go to other online stores for decent sized images - now we have them on the site. Not all are up but will be added over time.
Not incredibly happy with the image display and would prefer a nice jQuery plugin. If you have any ideas or suggestions then let me know.

I also want some sort of featured feed functionality too as I want to keep you involved. Stay tuned for more and I look forward to your feedback.

And if you are a blogger, it would mean a lot to me if you could mention the launch - will make sure to return the favor ^^