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Was in Osaka last weekend filming for Culture Japan Season 2. One of the places we are covering is Otaroad - its Osaka's equivalent of Akihabara which is filled with otaku goodness and a load of 2D girlies absolutely everywhere!
The first place we take a look at is the Namba branch of Gamers.
Sunday morning 9:30AM. Meeting up with my cameraman and sound engineer to setup equipment before our guest arrives.
Gamers is located at the following location - saw a ton of gaijin in the area so if they can make their way around then so can you. Get there from Nanba station.
There were a load of folks lining up to get in to get hold of their dose of 2D-girlism.
Bump into voice actress Suzuko Mimori and ask if she would take us around Otaroad.
Ready to raid Gamers.
In the midst of going through a ton of 2D-Girlism heaven.
If you are going however, make sure that you keep track of your cash and leave enough to make it back to your hotel - and for food if you really need to eat. Will leave you to wander around the rest of the shop - maybe make photo annotations of everything that you would buy?
Bumped into some readers from Canada and Hong Kong ^o^
Cushion is so cute - small enough to put between your...eyes.
An area setup for card players.
A ton of Bushiroad cards.
Trading Card Game accessories.
These boxes are meant for trading cards but I use them for business cards ^^
Gamers however do not have many figures in stock. The reason is that most consumers these days tend to pre-order.
How do you consume?
Eroge corner.
A corner for the Milky Holmes girls.
Lovely girlies from Yuzu Soft illustrated by Kobuichi and Muririn. Kobuichi has done a doodle of our Mirai-chan which you may have seen at Wonder Festival.
Large corner filled with Tohou goodies.
The seiyuu corner.
3 Singaporeans and 1 Malaysian make it big in Japan and are singing anisong (ending theme for Vanguard) - Sea A.
I need something like this for my floors.
Artwork by DMYO who has already done a doodle for us for our Mirai-chan.
Black Rock Shooter the game out this week!
Artwork by Refeia-sensei who has also done a doodle for us of Mirai-chan.
Popular anime title Penguindrum.
Edible 2D girlies.
Will cover the rest of Otaroad in a separate post. In the meanwhile, more places to visit in Japan listed up below.
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