Free Return Ticket To Japan

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The Japanese government ended up deciding not to give you free tickets to Japan - so I decided that I would give you the free ticket instead!
Moons ago I yearned to come to Japan so I know what its like to want to be here which is why I want to do this. My profile also gives you more background as to why I'm motivated to start bringing more people to Japan.

Read on to find out how to stand a chance to get your free return ticket to Japan!

This is Mirai Suenaga in Nendoroid form due out this December. She is currently up for pre-order and she's been selling like hot peachy cakes - was the 2nd best selling figure on Amazon Japan and reached the number one best selling figure on AmiAmi who are also giving away an extra Moekana IC Sticker.
>>>Read more about Nendoroid Mirai.

Anybody who pre-orders Mirai Nendoroid within the next 3 weeks (hard deadline September 18th 2012) will be entitled for a chance to win a free ticket to Japan which will be provided by me.
You can order your Mirai Nendoroid at one of the following trusted online retailers - they have been in business for years and are my clients - you can trust them ^^
These sellers are all located in Japan which means that you will get your Mirai Nendoroid soon after she's released.

Lowest Price Trusted Online Retailers

If you have already pre-ordered Mirai Nendoroid then thank you so much! You are already qualified! All you need to do now is wait until you get your Mirai.
Also remember that it does not matter where you pre-ordered. Folks in Singapore may want to order locally from ToyCoin for example.

Mirai Nendoroid will be released this December. Once you have your Nendoroid, all you have to do is unbox, take a picture of her and upload her to Facebook or Twitter.
During December, I will write up a post where you can leave a link to the photo that you took. I will choose 1 entry at random and give that person a free ticket to Japan.

Follow my Twitter and Facebook to keep tabs on this contest and to find out if you won.

For the Unbeknownst - Mirai Suenaga is a character which I developed to be the mascot of this site Culture Japan and now to be the heroine of her own anime title Mirai Millennium. She has appeared in other anime titles such as Mayo Chiki!!, Twin Angel and has collaborated with many folks in the Japanese anime industry.
>>>Read more about Mirai.

Mirai has been helping me to spread Japanese culture throughout the world. Earlier on this year, I launched a Japanese learning series called Moekana which featured Mirai and her buddies. Mirai is also the host of my TV show Culture Japan which is broadcast across Japan, Asia and the US. Mirai has gained many supported worldwide - including from these lovely cosplayers!

In my eyes, Mirai is an evangelist for Japanese culture so I thought it only made sense that she started to helped me bring folks over to Japan - starting with 1 lucky winner!

A few points about the way this contest is being held.

  • It would have been easier to collaborate with 1 seller of the Mirai Nendoroid but that would be unfair to the other sellers.
  • I don't want a load of people pre-ordering and then cancelling so I've made it so that you need to wait until she arrives ^^;
  • I also don't want folks returning Mirai just because they didn't win - which is why you have to take her out of the box when you take the photo ^^;
  • In the past I've given away a load of figures and cash prizes but this is the first time giving away a ticket - not sure if this is the right way of doing it but if its the "wrong" way then I'll learn and do it better next time.

Submission Rules

  • You must pre-order Mirai Nendoroid before the 18th of September 2012.
  • You will have a pre-order confirmation from the online retailer that you bought her from - you will need to send this to me if your entry is chosen and it *must* show that you pre-ordered your Mirai Nendoroid before September 18th 2012. I will know whether anybody tampered with the confirmation mail ^^;
  • If you pre-ordered from a local retailer - ask them to give you proof of when you pre-ordered your Mirai - either by mail or in writing.
  • Once you get hold of your Mirai Nendoroid, take a photo and upload to Facebook or Twitter. The photo you take of Mirai does not have to be anything fancy - just proof that you took her out of the box.
  • During December, I will write up a post where you can leave a link to the photo that you took. I will choose 1 entry at random and give that person a free ticket to Japan.
  • The winner will be contacted by the email that they used to register an account on this site.
  • If the winner does not respond within 1 week to the mail I send, somebody else will be chosen at random.
  • When Good Smile Company ships Mirai Nendoroid to the wholesalers, I will get a notification. It should not take more than 4 weeks for the product to reach everybody after that. If you are ordering from one of the trusted online retailers mentioned above then you will probably get her just a couple of days after she's released.
  • If you think that Mirai Nendoroid is going to take more than 4 weeks to arrive after she's released then you should probably order from one of the trusted online retailers - or ask your local retailer about delivery dates.
  • If you do not have a paypal or credit card to order online then order from your local retailer.
  • I will wait until February 5th for everybody to upload photos of the Mirai Nendoroid that they pre-ordered. If you don't manage to upload your photo by that date then it means that god does not want you to go to Japan.
  • This contest is not applicable for folks who pre-order after September 18th 2012. Folks who buy Mirai when she's released will also not be applicable.
  • If for whatever reason the release date of Mirai Nendoroid gets postponed (which is unlikely at this point) then I will give you an extra 4 weeks from release date to upload your photos.
  • Its only fair that anybody who pre-orders before September 18th gets a chance to win - even those who have been to Japan before.
  • Folks who purchase more than 1 Mirai Nendoroid increase their chances of winning - just like a lottery. Folks with more than one purchase are allowed to submit photos for each Mirai Nendoroid they own - if their entry is chosen then they will need to show proof that they pre-ordered them all before September 18th.
  • This contest is governed by Japanese law where I'm located - so the "no purchase necessary" thing does not apply to this contest.
  • Don't buy Mirai Nendoroid purely for the purpose of entering the contest though - buy only if you won't be disappointed if you don't win and only if you will be happy with your purchase.

About your Free Return Ticket to Japan

  • I'm paying for only one (1) return plane ticket.
  • You choose when you want to come but you must travel during 2013 - I'm not sure if I will live to past 2013 and want to make sure you travel while I'm still alive so that I can sort out your ticket and meet you.
  • We will choose the airline you travel by - I won't purposely go for the cheapest ticket and make you transfer 20 times but I won't go for the most expensive either. Will choose the route that makes the most sense.
  • Once your ticket is booked, I will issue you an e-ticket. You then need to apply for a visa yourself depending on your nationality.
  • The person flying gets the air miles.
  • You can give the ticket to a friend or family member - but you can't sell it!
  • Ticket is to Japan only.
  • I only cover an economy plane ticket - you need to look after your own lodging - check out this list of recommended places to stay in Tokyo.
  • Destination is Tokyo (Narita or Haneda) but if you want to travel on to Osaka, Kyoto etc then you need to pay for yourself - prepare a Japan Rail Pass before you come.
  • If I'm not overseas at the time you want to come over, I'll bring you to my office and take you around Akihabara - and maybe visit some of my client offices like Good Smile Company.
  • Most nationalities can stay in Japan for up to 3 months - its up to you how long you want to stay over here - as long as you do not overstay.
  • If you are a university graduate, can speak some Japanese and have graphical skills such as Photoshop/Illustrator, editing skills such as Final Cut Pro then I can introduce you to some of my clients who may be interested in hiring you - although I only show you the door - its up to you to walk through it. Check out my profile to see who some of my clients are which include Konami, Kadokawa, Ascii Media Works, Bushiroad, Good Smile Company, Production IG and more - mostly anime and game companies though if you like that sort of thing (like I do ) ^o^

Anyway - just a reminder that Mirai comes with a mini pack of Moekana so that you can start learning Japanese out of the box!

Mini Moekana just happens to be doll sized - so that your dollys can learn Japanese too!

You can even do a Moekanaception if you have the original sized Moekana.

You can also get your Mirai to cosplay.

Cheerleader Mirai!

And you can also get others to cosplay as Mirai.

Mirai comes with an Itasha so that you can go "Vroom Vroom" when bored at work or class.

Vroom Vrooooooom.

And most importantly - Mirai is your motivational talisman for learning Japanese - this is what happened after I started to learn Japanese.

Mirai Nendoroid looks great in ones workspace!

And below are a load of photos of Japan - start to prepare a list of places to visit from this post!

Departures at your neck of the woods - may not necessarily be Japan Airlines.

Flying over Japan heading into the airport.

Tokyo Touchdown. The following posts show what its like just after you land in Tokyo.

Your view when heading to immigration and on to pick up your luggage.

Welcome to Japan!

There are many options to take when heading into Tokyo - but remember I'm only paying for the plane ticket!

And If I'm not overseas at the time you wish to fly to Japan, please do come and drop by my office!

And after your trip you will look out of the window on the flight home thinking how this trip changed the decisions you will make for the rest of your life - just like it did to mine.
And it all could start with a purchase of Mirai Nendoroid! Good Luck and we'll speak again in December.

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