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This photo taken by comrades at Thailand Culture Japan Night last month.
Last August, I announced that I would give away 1 free return ticket to Japan to 1 reader who pre-ordered Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga. I was going to post details earlier but many said that they still had not received their Mirai yet. Unfortunately, the majority are waiting and if you still have not got yours then please forgive me - I did mention that you should have ordered from a reputable retailer who would have probably sent your Mirai sooner rather than later.

Submission Rules

  • You must have pre-ordered Mirai Nendoroid before the 18th of September 2012.
  • You will have a pre-order confirmation from the online retailer that you bought her from - you will need to send this to me if your entry is chosen and it *must* show that you pre-ordered your Mirai Nendoroid before September 18th 2012. I will know whether anybody tampered with the confirmation mail ^^;
  • If you pre-ordered from a local retailer - ask them to give you proof of when you pre-ordered your Mirai - either by mail or in writing.
  • If you have lost your receipt then it is your responsibility to gain proof if you are chosen.
  • Once you get hold of your Mirai Nendoroid, take a photo and upload to your Facebook wall or Twitter. The photo you take of Mirai does not have to be anything fancy - just proof that you took her out of the box.
  • I noticed that many of you have already shared photos. If you still have the link then paste it in the comments below so that I can keep track. If you dont have the link then just re-upload the photos.
  • f you share (or have already shared) on, Deviantart or Flickr then thanks! But for this giveaway I would like you to share on Twitter or Facebook (or both) - just grab the link to your photo and then paste in the comments below.
  • You have got one week from now until the 3rd of March to submit your entries. I will choose 1 entry at random and give that person a free ticket to Japan.
  • The giveaway is simple - take a photo of Mirai out of her box and post it on Facebook or Twitter - then grab the link and paste in the comments below.
  • If you are sharing on Facebook then it should be on your wall - not mine!
  • If you are sharing on Twitter then please add the url to your tweet
  • The winner will be contacted by the email that they used to register an account on this site.
  • If the winner does not respond within 1 week to the mail I send, somebody else will be chosen at random.
  • The deadline is 2013 3rd March 11:59PM JST. If you don't manage to upload your photo by that date then it means that god does not want you to go to Japan.
  • If you missed or found out about this giveaway after the deadline but bought your Mirai Nendoroid before September the 18th then it looks like god does not want you to go to Japan on this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is not applicable for folks who pre-ordered after September 18th 2012. Folks who bought Mirai after she was released will also not be applicable - but thank you!
  • This giveaway is to say thanks to those who showed their support during the pre-order phase as that determines the manufacture run.
  • Its only fair that anybody who pre-ordered before September 18th gets a chance to win - even those who have been to Japan before or are planning to visit anyway.
  • This contest is governed by Japanese law where I'm located - so the "no purchase necessary" thing does not apply to this contest.

About your Free Return Ticket to Japan

  • I'm paying for only one (1) return plane ticket.
  • You choose when you want to come but you must travel during 2013 - I'm not sure if I will live to past 2013 and want to make sure you travel while I'm still alive so that I can sort out your ticket and meet you.
  • We will choose the airline you travel by - I won't purposely go for the cheapest ticket and make you transfer 20 times but I won't go for the most expensive either. Will choose the route that makes the most sense.
  • Once your ticket is booked, I will issue you an e-ticket. You then need to apply for a visa yourself depending on your nationality.
  • If for whatever reason you cant get hold of a visa then its a message from god - the ticket will be cancelled and given to another reader who will be chosen at random. Many nationalities are issued with a 3 month tourist visa on entry to Japan - ask Google Sensei to see if you are applicable.
  • The person flying gets the air miles.
  • You can give the ticket to a friend or family member - but you can't sell it!
  • Ticket is to Japan only.
  • No you cant have the money instead. If for whatever reason you cant travel to Japan then I will give the ticket to another reader who will be chosen at random.
  • I only cover an economy plane ticket - you need to look after your own lodging - check out this list of recommended places to stay in Tokyo.
  • Destination is Tokyo (Narita or Haneda) but if you want to travel on to Osaka, Kyoto etc then you need to pay for yourself - prepare a Japan Rail Pass before you come.
  • If I'm not overseas at the time you want to come over, I'll bring you to my office and take you around Akihabara - and maybe visit some of my client offices like Good Smile Company.
  • Do not overstay in Japan - if you do then its nothing to do with me!
  • If you are a university graduate, can speak some Japanese and have graphical skills such as Photoshop/Illustrator, editing skills such as Final Cut Pro then I can introduce you to some of my clients who may be interested in hiring you - although I only show you the door - its up to you to walk through it. Check out my profile to see who some of my clients are which include Konami, Kadokawa, Ascii Media Works, Bushiroad, Good Smile Company, Production IG and more - mostly anime and game companies though if you like that sort of thing (like I do ) ^o^

I think thats about it! Keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter. I'll be retweeting some entries not it may not necessarily mean that you have won. I'll choose a winner and announce on Facebook/Twitter then on this site.

Arms Installation is Complete - Good Luck!

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