Forever 21 Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2009/08/09 05:24 JST in Places to visit in Japan

Never heard of Forever 21 until they opened their first retail store in Japan right next to their rivals H&M. T'was in the news for quite a bit as the ladies went into a frenzy for some coolsome apparel.

Wifey is training up to blog for our fashion portal which should be out before the end of year. While I chose to walk the path of the Internets, I still do have an interest in fashion and have quite a few connections in the fashion biz in Tokyo who are interested in working together on the site.

Wifey is into fashion, accessories and zakka and likes to check out the latest and greatest in these areas. She went along to the opening of Forever 21 in Harajuku and came back with a few pics.

The first couple of photos of the queue taken just outside the Softbank Store - which is a long way from Forever 21. A news report below covers the opening.

They had security guards making sure that folks didn't get flattened by the occasional steamroller.

The GAP sign in sight - nearly there.

A look behind to see a long trail of ladies still queuing up.

A Forever 21 branded bus drives around the area. You will commonly see this type of marketing in Shibuya, Harajuku and Roppongi.

Forever 21 in sight - just a wee bit longer to go.

I notice that they usually have a few Mr Smiths with ear pieces at the front - maybe its to give a certain air of exclusivity?

Inside the store packed with ladies looking for some loot.

The store seems to open until quite late. Was at the H&M store for TFS and saw Forever 21 open at about 9PM.

Wifey mentioned that there was a sweaty elderly man going through the pantsu...

Its like a Wonder Festival for ladies ^^; Men who go along with their partner should probably keep their hands in the air.

A peek out the window to see that there is still a queue of folks wanting to get in.

Question for men - do you go in with your partner to shop for clothes or sit outside and poke about on your mobile?

I usually go in and help pick out stuff.

Another question for men - have your purchased any clothes for your partner before?
When I was on a business trip in Seattle, I was shopping for some really cute tops for wifey. I didn't know her trouser size at the time so all I could do was to try them on myself! Not at the shop though - bought them back to the hotel. Was laughing at myself all afternoon.

Would love a whole store like this filled with Dollfie clothes ^^

Do they have Forever 21 in your neck of the woods? I saw some comments as to how Forever 21 is just another fashion retail store and that they was surprised to see the queues. I also saw some comments of how stores like Muji and Uniqlo get queues like these outside of Japan - if you have any photos then would love to see some.

Wifey is done at Forever 21 and comes back out to see folks still queuing up to get in.

And on her way back to Harajuku station. Folks who want to get to Forever 21 can do so by getting off at JR Harajuku or Meiji Jingu Mae.