Food in Germany

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/05/16 15:46 JST in Travel

Hello! My name is Haruhi and I'm the first guest writer on Danny is down with jetlag so I will take over for today.
I went with Danny to Germany to see the sights and have good food - lots of it ^o^

Yummy frankfurters. We have these in Japan but they come in plastic bags and not jars.

Lots of nice drinks in Germany.

The biscuits are lovely.

Me in Hohenschwangau.

Japan is lacking in good pastry orz.

Fresh fruit drinks.

More pastry.

Asian type foods.

Lunch at Berlin station.

Ah, I think this was posted before ^^;

Even more psatry.

And more...

The sandwiches taste great too.

The yogurt drinks taste so good.

Breakfast in Hotel lounge = 26 Euros.
Breakfast in the park with lovely view, sandwich n milk = 3 Euros.

Jacket potato filled with everything.

I suppose it does look like vomit but tastes great.

Meat stuffs.

How I miss having Fish Fingers back in the UK - non in Japan orz. Haruhi was born and raised in the UK.

Maggi mixes - non in Japan either.

Remember having a ton of tin soups back in the UK too.

Brekkie on the train.

A stall selling sweets which dont look edible.

Smoked salmon.

Me in Hohenschwangau near the lake.

Time for more lunch.

Mushrooms in garlic.

Nice lady wondering why we are taking pics instead of buying.

By Hohenschwangau lake.

Fillit O chicken n fries. The fries in Germany are awesome. Does my writing style sound like Danny?

Atashi kawaii?

Lump O chicken in gravy.

White asparagus costs a bomb in Japan.

Unlike Tokyo, you will find many tables and chairs out in the open outside restaurants.

Veggie soup. I found that the cost of eating out in Germany cost an average of 15 euros to 20 euros per meal compared to an average of 1000 yen to 1500 yen in Japan - much more expensive to eat in Germany ^^; Could be because of the weak yen though.
Whats the average cost of a meal in your region?

Lump O potatoes.

Does it look like I'm sticking up my middle finger in this photo?

Taking a break from all the meat n potatoes with some salad.

Hot cocoa n slices of meat for brekkie.

Inside Neuschwanstein Castle.

On the lake in a row boat. I got Danny to do all the paddling.

More frankfurter n fries.

Some sort of ball type dessert.

Looks yummy but tastes...not so yummy.

The worst worst "Chinese" food I have ever ever ever tasted in my entire life.

More hotel brekkie.

And more hotel brekkie.

Everywhere I travel I always get some milk. I think I've mentioned before but they say that folks who like milk also like eyes.

Do not eat dogs.

This drink was just so yummy - coconut n pistachio flavored.

About to get some grub.

Chicken, fries n salad.

Some last minute shopping.

Brekkie before we left Germany.

Sushibox suki.

Lunch at Frankfurt airport.

Bangers n mash.

We loved the food in Germany and wish some of it was available in Japan. I've seen some German restaurants here but not that many.