Fixing Loose Joints

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2006/02/22 16:05 JST in Gundam

Whether you are a collector of Fix Figuration, HCM Pro, MG or PG Gundams - we all share the same problem of loose joints. Some of these joints wear down over time, some come loose out of the box which is a pain in the left buttock.
I would like to share with you a technique which I recently started - but please do so at your own risk! Please dont blame me if you glue your left middle finger behind your right ear!

What you do is to get some of this - its a bottle of that white glue for wood - I guess most of us remember using this at school making useless stuff out of wood. What you need to do is to splodge the glue over the joints, put back the leg/arm or whatever and then leave it over night. When it dries, it will leave a clear white plastic film around the joints. initially, the leg/arm needs a bit of a tug to get it to move but once thats done you should find that the joints feel much more sturdy.
I have done this for Mudrock and HCM Pro Guncannon and it works a treat. This technique also works for loose armor and weapons.

A splodge on the ball joint...

And a splodge on the joint. Don't forget to put the leg back on before leaving it to dry or you'll have problems getting the leg back on.
As far as I know, this doesn't work on real body parts but you can always try it on your best friend.

You may need to repeat this process as the joints may become loose again after a while - but that really depends on how rough you are with your toys - also depends on the model too. My guncannon has endured repositioning for quite a while now and is still mean n sturdy.