Fisheye Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2015/07/17 11:08 JST in Tokyo Photo Walk
I didn't really like fisheye lenses up until now due to the amount of distortion they cause. However, the Sony FE 28mm f/2 SEL28F20 + SEL057FEC 16mm f/3.5-22 Fisheye Converter Lens provides what I feel to be an acceptable amount of distortion while providing a view that captures my surroundings.
This is what the SEL28F20 + SEL057FEC Fisheye Converter Lens looks like attached to the Sony A7II which is currently my main camera which I just absolutely love! Its my second full frame camera - the first being the Sony RX1.
If you want to use the fisheye converter then you need to use it with the SEL28F20. When both SEL28F20 + SEL057FEC convertor is attached to the A7II - the weight amounts to about 1.2KG.
I took the fisheye lens out for a whirl around my neck of the woods - these photos were a memorable experience for me as I was still hoppling about in pain from the hernia. I felt I was living a turn based game like Valkyria Chronicles where I could walk but then had to stop for a minute or so before being able to continue walking.
First up are the photos by night. I try to keep the ISO as low as possible and take a few shots as most will be blurry.
And here are the photos by day. This is our office building. We should be putting up a logo on the cylinder at the front of the building soon - will probably be a makeshift one at first though.
Photos taken on the way to lunch in the Gotanda area.
The Mama Chari bicycles are high level in Japan - this one kitted out with child seats at the front and back.
The very sweet Nozomi Sasaki-san.
One nice thing I like about this fisheye lens is that you can get quite close to the subject and achieve a nice bokeh too.
At the Hawaiian burger joint Kua'aina.
The Xperia Z2 is my current mobile device. Recently rooted it with King Root so that I could install applications that remove certain permissions like "take photo whenever it likes" etc ^^
The Red Canvas shoes are back in stock at the online Culture Japan Store - wait until this weekend to buy though as there will be many other items too.
As we started to run out of space on the 2nd floor, things got messy - this is what it looked like back then.
Now that we have increased production capacity - nearly half of the 2nd floor is used to store our inventory.
This photo taken in the middle of setting up our first retail store in Tokyo which is on the 1st floor of our building. Folks can walk in to pick up a Smart Doll and accessories.
We are applying to be a Duty Free store but until then folks need to pay the local tax even though they are just visiting ><
Folks can also order on our online store - we usually ship next day but may take up to 4 days to send depending on how busy we are at the time.
And here are a few snaps of Mirai taken with the SEL28F20 without the converter lens.
Taking photos of Smart Dolls on a low F stop causes too much to be out of focus which is why I hardly use it - my all rounder FE 24-70mm F4 is the lens I use the most for my Smart Doll photos.
This is Mirai with the new Mirai Short Wig (Dark Brown) which is also available this weekend too.