Figure Display

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2006/07/27 16:14 JST in Gundam

Those who are not reading the RSS feeds will notice a design change to the top navigation banner. The previous flash banner was over 300K and while I personally liked it I'm not too sure if having navigation in flash was a good thing. I chose to go for something more practical with a faster loading time.
What I will probably do is give you the option of choosing which navigation to display via a settings panel which will save your preferences in a cookie - probably get round to that this weekend. OK, back to the main subject of this topic...

Investing time n money on figures n gundams means that one has to also invest the time n money on some sort of storage or display space for the collection.
The house was running out of space fast so I popped in to Tokyu Hands to get some shelves...

This is the metal wire that I use to hang Strike from the ceiling. Its 1mm thick and can take up to 8KG before it falls down and pulls the rest of the roof with it - 556 yen. The flat hook fits in that slot on top of the aile striker nicely.

Next up is some acrylic glass colored sheets. These sheets are 320mm X 550mm and you can get Tokyo Hands to cut them down to a size of your liking.

This is the Black n Dekker cold fusion laser impulse guide which helps make sure that the shelves aren't lop sided.

Brackets used to hold the acrylic shelves in place.

Done! If you are going to do the same, make sure the acrylic is relatively thick or they will sag in the middle.

Now for the out-of-the-box shelves - these are held up with pins which are pushed into the wall at different angles so you could use these even if you are renting an apartment without leaving noticeable damage (read how you are not allowed to make holes in the walls of a rented apartments in Japan).

And this is how Kasumi, Nao, Mizuki and Naru are decorating the shelves.
Having the figures out in the open does mean that I need to take a soft brush and give them a good going over from time to time though. If you are feeling lazy, you could use one of those air canisters that are usually used for cleaning your keyboard and other hardware.

Strike has been hanging from the ceiling for a while now without any signs of falling. Strike with the Aile pack is quite large together so having it dangling from the ceiling saves a ton of desk space.